About Us

I am...

Heather.  A wife.  A mom.  A dreamer.  A die-hard idealist.  A lover of justice.  Equal rights.  Freedom.  Fair Trade. Small Farms.  Responsible consumerism.  Yet sometimes I'm a hypocrite.  If you're into labels, I'm a: homeschooling mom. A public school mom.  A private school mom.  I'm a stay-at-home mom turned nursing student and midwifery student.  I had my babies with epidurals, but I'm a future midwife specializing in natural birth.  I'm a breastfeeding counselor who understands doing what's best for our babies isn't always easy or even possible. I'll go down believing there's grace to cover all of it. I'm into gardens, eating close to the earth, and I'm attempting an urban farm - but move over and watch me eat my weight in chips and salsa. 

I share our life, our struggles and our laughter on our family blog. I try to be honest - as honest as a person can ever be about real life and the people living in it.   Blogging is a great way for me to chronicle our lives and leave a written record for our children.  I hope they look back one day and find that life is a journey, growing is a process, and there's beauty and grace in the space between "here" and "there." Putting thoughts out in the open for the world to read has changed me, humbled me, taught me, and softened the areas where I needed exfoliation. I'm eternally grateful for this community and the way they sit with us and freely share their stories and perspective.

Aaron and I met in High School.  We have been married since 1996.

We have four boys.

They are incredibly funny, sweet, and smart but have been known to do terrible things...like eat ants.

We have...

* Fostered children who needed a home.    

* Adopted our son through an open adoption from a domestic, private agency.

* Raised a very sick kid who thankfully is all better now.

* Served 13 years on a church staff.

* Lived in Haiti with our four kids.  We went to learn and be changed.Technically we worked as missionaries, but that word makes me uneasy and sounds like it should be used to describe people who have their life together, always know the answer, and know how to behave. Although we currently live in the United States, Haiti and the people there have stowed away in our souls.

My husband is in advertising and marketing.  He's a gifted musician.  He makes us laugh and gets us places on time.  Our boys are loud and probably outside.  They spend their days with their feet in the creek catching crawfish and building forts.    

We are lovers of Jesus and are trying to figure out what that means.  We hope it means that we can all be different, fail, disagree, and learn at our own speed.  We hope it means we can be free from fear as we grow and ask hard questions about faith and living for what really matters.

Welcome to our world.
Thank you for pulling up a chair and sitting down with us.
We hope you feel loved and welcomed.

**All pictures of our family were taken in Haiti by the talented Troy Livesay.