Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ron Finley :: Inspiring

This video has a few bad words in it - so maybe not so great for kids to watch.

I've seen several friends post this video on Facebook, and Aaron recently listened to an NPR interview with Ron Finley.  I'm not the best about stopping to watch a video, but Aaron convinced me to sit down this morning and watch this one.  I'm so glad I did.  Is it weird that I was so moved, tears fell several times before Ron Finley's Ted Talk ended?  He's like a modern-day, urban Wendell Berry.

I may never be able to explain or articulate why this act of gardening is what I know - without a doubt - our family is supposed to be deeply involved in right now.  I just know.  There's no shaking it.  The garden is where we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to be investing in right now.  It's the only place where the pieces seem to come together for me - all the big ideas - the problems - the solutions - they begin to feel less complicated and heavy when I'm in our giant "yarden", determined to heal my corner of the earth.  There is something about the soil - bettering it - that brings me hope for bigger things - for holistic, sustainable redemption in my community and how that redemption could somehow reach outside our borders.

So grateful for Ron Finley - and all the prophetic voices in our world trying to desperately wake us up.


If you live here locally, there's a great class coming up for beginner gardeners hosted by the Brazos Valley Master Gardeners.  

Also - those adorable Botany Brothers are hosting a plant sale Saturdays, August 3 and August 10.  If you're planning a fall/winter garden, go check out what they are doing and what they will have available.  I'm pretty proud of these little entrepreneurs!


Douglas said...

I loved this. I live in Tampa in a "gritty" part of the city that is trying to transition. We have more fried chicken drive thrus and fast food joints with ONE (tiny) grocery store. I wouldn't call it a food desert but pretty darn close. We have lots of land in the middle of the city (almost a half an acre...very rare!) and have wanted to do something with it. However, I'm just at a loss as to what. I don't have extra money to put into it but feel like surely there's something....this video gives me hope. Thanks for sharing it...Marissa

Emily Minich said...

You guys have been on my heart recently. I hope you all are doing well. Prayers!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok. I miss your posts! Tina

Anonymous said...

I miss hearing from your family. Hope you are doing well!