Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fourth of July :: Round Top Parade :: Royers

Aaron only made fun of me a little bit for getting to the parade over an hour early - just to guarantee our kids some prime seating.  The Round Top parade aint no mullet.  Uh uh.  The party is never in the back.  You've got to be in the front if you want popsicles and Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches.

This tiny Texas town goes all out for Fourth of July.  It feels like we jumped right into a movie set.  If Sandra Bullock drove by on a float - I'd barely be surprised.

Professionals.  I think they train for this during the months prior to the parade. 

Halfway through the parade, they are out of their mind - parade drunk.  Covered in beads.  High on sugar.

Mad that someone ate the Dots right out of the candy bucket. (it was me)

We got to hang out with cousins - that's the best part, ya know?

Then lunch at Royers.  They never disappoint.  If you're ever driving through Round Top, you should stop by and eat at this perfectly quirky American gem.  The food.  The people.  The pie.  You'll wish there was a Royers in your town.

Royers lemon berry pie.  It was a crowd pleaser.
Did you know you can order a pie from Royers and they will mail it to you?

We listened to Lyle Lovett on the drive to Round Top and on the drive back.  Lyle singing while we drove through Texas farmland?  That may be all anyone ever needs on Independence Day.

No matter where you celebrated, I hope you had a beautiful fourth, friends.  We're off to see some explosions in the sky.


Molly Summer said...
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Molly Summer said...

I live for your Round Top July 4th picture completes my 4th!