Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Pictures from 2012

My favorite picture from 2012?  This one -

Ashton playing his guitar in Spider Man gloves?  His snaggle-toothed mouth?  Laney Rae's gut laugh? I wish you all could have been there to live this one moment.

This morning I asked Aaron what he thought about 2012.  "It was hard.  You were mad at me a lot.  We fought a bunch."  Isn't that wonderful?  Looking back through the pictures I loved that we were outside so much.  We bought bikes.  The boys are smitten with our new house and our neighbors.  We've been active.  We had a lot of fun days and made many memories.  There was so much good.

2012 was also hard.  One international move.  Two domestic moves.  Aaron starting a new job.  Putting our lives back together and getting settled was exhausting.  Behavioral issues with one of our kids just about did us in.  I got mono, it lasted almost four months, and I'm just now getting well and feeling more like myself again.  We watched several people we love deal with death, heartbreak, pain, stress, family struggles, and sickness.  I wish grief, fear, and frustration would acknowledge that the calendar says it's a new year and magically float away like paper confetti in the wind, but I know many of these weighty trials will walk right on into January with us and the people we love.

We're horribly aware that for many there is nothing new about the new year.  Just the same pain, uncertainty, stress, sickness, and sadness.  The prayer I hold tightly in my hand this New Year's Eve is for courage and renewed strength for those who will not wake up to anything new tomorrow.  For everyone who will ring in the new year right in the middle of where they have been for far too long, I pray you feel loved and held.     

The people who are in the middle of something difficult that won't disappear when the clock strikes 12 may be the bravest souls in the room tonight.  May you rest in the one thing we know will be new in the morning: Mercy.