Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

We took the obligatory pre-gravy Thanksgiving photos.  You're welcome.  You don't want to see the post-gravy ones where we're all mouth-breathing on the couch with gravy babies in our abdomens.  

Hudson refuses to act like a phony in photos.  No way.  He insists on being 100% true to himself.

There was football throwing, because duh - we're Americans.

Then we fed the ducks in my dad's neighborhood 14 loaves of bread.  If we're going to feel like gluttonous lards, so are the ducks by golly.  It's only right.  And we probably ate their cousin, so feeding them old bread is the least we can do.

Photo with the Dadster.  Hudson.  Why?

Black Friday found us in Kemah at the boardwalk riding unlimited rides that are likely to cause vomiting.

My babies are up there.  Someone hold me.

Heavenly day.  Why do people ride rides that go round and round?

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving.  If you're a Texan, the Kemah boardwalk is adorable and oh-so-fun.  I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and you were so full of love and pecan pie you mouth-breathed at least once.


kara said...

i love it. you made me laugh out loud (literally!) several times & say to my fam- "listen to this... she's so funny!" :D

Bob & Judy said...

Aaron looks like Jack Nicholson in The Shining in one of those pics.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Remind me to show you Silas's pre-school class picture.


ps - Your hair is pretty.

Laura said... rides for you?????

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! No! I stayed on the ground and introduced my dad to salted-caramel frapuccinos from Starbucks! Yum!