Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping with Purpose this Holiday Season

If Christmas is anything, it's a time to declare some good news.  Friends, I have some today.  There's a growing list of companies in our world who are providing creative products, caring for their employees, empowering the powerless, and responsibly stewarding this beautiful planet. These companies are helping consumers honor and respect the people behind the products we're buying.  They are guaranteeing that the laborer is not robbed of their wages and that child labor and slave labor are absent from their supply chains.

A world filled with justice?  Where every person knows their worth?  A celebration of creativity and joy?  Peace and goodwill to all?  That feels like Christmas.

Will you spend some time browsing beautiful, hand-made products on these websites?  Most of these companies are empowering and educating women.  Some are small businesses using a percentage of their profits to fund adoptions.  All of these companies are providing well-made gifts we can be proud to give this Christmas.

Just one fair trade purchase from every American churchgoer this Christmas would lift one million families out of poverty for one whole year. Just One. --  From Trade as One 

Trades of Hope                                                     Gnu Creation

Apparent Project                                          The Batik Boutique

Etsy                                                                        Krochet Kids

Somaly Mam Foundation                             The Open Arms Shop

Noonday                                                      Feeding the Orphans

Come Together Trading                                             Green Heart

Hill Country Hill Tribers                                                    Sseko

Sole Rebels Footwear                                                         Servv

Zimbags                                                           Divine Chocolate

Raven + Lily                                                           Trade as One

  Esperos                                                                       FashionABLE

{Stocking Stuffers}

Earrings  |  Headband  |  Key Fob  |  Bracelets for boys (I divided this set up for my boys)

{Teacher and Co-worker Gifts}

Additional information about responsible consumerism and shopping Fair Trade:

The Better World Shopping Guide

Saturday Night Live Chimes in on First World Problems and Sweat Shops

What if Our Spending Could Actually be Used to Fix Problems Instead of Creating Them?

The Story of Stuff

What's your favorite, fair company?  Know of any small businesses or Etsy shops you wish everyone knew about this holiday season?  Give them a shout out in the comment section.


Les Prouty said...

Thanks for this list. At the risk of a little self promotion, I suggest The HOPE Store at

Well self promo is not quite accurate. It's all about orphaned and abandoned children. 100% of our proceeds are used in Haiti to care for orphans and assist Haitian small coffee growers.

Thanks again.

Hendrick Family said...

Thanks, Les! I'll buy some coffee!

Amanda said...

Thank you for posting this very helpful list! I may just share it on my blogs for my family and friends {giving you full credit of course}. Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family!

Nicky B said...

I am going to post this on my blog - as a link to you.....its awesome and I thank you for doing all the research and sharing it.

Lisa said...

And Mavuno Market too! =)

Sharon Murphy said...

Thanks for this list! Jumping in here late to mention byTavi, a program of the Center for Global Impact in Cambodia ( In the fight against sex trafficking, they train women to make beautiful purses, scarves, and other items, which allow them to make a living wage and provide for their families.

Lauren said...

I have returned to this page again and again while doing my Christmas shopping. Thank you so much for this amazing resource!