Friday, November 30, 2012


Oh boys.  You just gotta love them.
The boy-turned-robot.
Those filthy pants.
Their undying love for boxes.

Got big weekend plans?  We're taking the kids to a really cool light show (you ride a zip-line through a tunnel of Christmas lights.)  Totally wicked!  Mostly we plan to take it easy and hang out at home.  

{Weekend Links}

This is a beautiful letter to the factory workers in Bangladesh and a reminder that people matter.

This company was started by a college student after she interned at the Make a Wish Foundation.  They make headbands and all proceeds go to cancer research.

This is such a cool gift.  I could see a group of friends or a mom's group working together to provide a safe birth for a woman who would otherwise not have one.

This may actually turn me into a dog person. Dogs trained to sniff out ovarian cancer?

This is disturbing, but an honest piece about the mistreatment of women in many developing countries.

This is a fabulous book list for kids and parents.

This is perfection.  Maybe I should watch Dead Poets Society again this weekend.

I'm thinking about adding some of these to my tree.  Once my fingertips recover from the hot glue.

Advent starts this weekend.  We're taking the easy route this year and using this plan with The Jesus Storybook Bible.  sigh.  I love The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Show this to your kids.  They will love you.

I hope your weekend is filled with rest and joy, friends.


Bob & Judy said...

Love that little boy-in-a-box!

Anonymous said...

Where is the zip line?

mandi said...

thanks friend...