Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shopping with Purpose::Krochet Kids

Day 9: Shopping with Purpose

Women in developing worlds spend 80% of their earnings on their family.  When we invest in women we invest in children.  We invest in entire communities.  We invest in sustainable change.

I'm grateful for companies like Krochet Kids who are working in Uganda (and now Peru) to empower women to care for themselves and their families.  Confession:  I spent way too much time this morning on the Krochet Kids website and was overcome with emotion several times.  Maybe it was early and I needed more coffee to think and respond like a logical human being - or maybe these women's stories and their connection to Krochet Kids are extremely moving.

We provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families. We educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid. We provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.  -- Krochet Kids

Holy Beanie, Batman.  If you've got a Hipster in your life (or someone who wants to solidify, once and for all, their Hipster status) consider Krochet Kids your one stop shop.  These crocheted beauties would make the perfect gifts for high school and college students as well as for people like me who refuse to admit they are old and are bear hugging their youth, sweaty-style.  Not only are these hats classically stylish, each hat is handmade by a woman in Peru or Uganda.  On the inside of each product you'll find a tag hand-signed by the artisan.  After you purchase a hat, you can go to this site, type in her name, read more about the artisan, and send her a personal note.  Talk about connecting us to the people behind our products!  What joy, right? Who knew shopping could give us each the opportunity to become a part of a real-life story of hope?  
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Gwen said...

We bought all local handmade and fair trade Christmas gifts a few years ago. In our research we stumbled upon Krochet Kids and bought a few of their knit hats!

So glad you spotlighted this group. I especially love that you can read the bio of the woman who knits your hat.