Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping with Purpose::Gnu Creation

There is so much to love about Gnu Creation.  These one of a kind upcycled dresses are made by my friend's sister right here in Texas.  Made out of recycled t-shirts, these little girl dresses are not only earth-friendly, they are adorable.  And the best part?  The woman behind Gnu Creation, Kyle Montalbo, is using the profit she makes from hand-making her products to fund her family's adoption of a 9 year old girl from the Ukraine.  After reading stories like these, does anyone else find themselves looking over at the racks full of factory-made clothing in their favorite stores and thinking, "Meh.  Lame?"  Products with a story make shopping so much more fun and meaningful.


At Gnu Creation find new dresses, hoodies, and twirl skirts made from upcycled tees and polos. All of Gnu Creation's clothing is one of a kind - no one will ever have the same dress as your little girl! 

These dresses will grow with your little one. Wear them as a dress now and a tunic over bike shorts, leggings, or jeans later.

Scroll through the Available Dresses.  So cute, I can barely stand it.

Will you pin some of your favorite products from Gnu Creation on your Pinterest board?  I'd love your help spreading the word for Kyle.  In this way, let's all play a part in bringing this little girl home to her forever family.


SarahBeth said...

Well, I have liked the page and plan to buy something soon, but pintrest will not let me pin any of the dresses. It says that you cannot pin directly from Facebook. Bummer. Guess we'll just have to spread the word through Facebook instead.

Jennifer Hubley said...

Hi Heather. Ok, I would love to get some dresses and hoodies for my nieces and nephews for Christmas, but I'm not on Facebook. Is there any other way to order them?
Also...we love Duck Dynasty. I grew up in southeast Texas and its all eerily familiar:)

Gnu Creation said...

Jennifer Hubley, email me at!

Kyle Montalbo

Shannon said...

You would really like "Tag u r it" by Kari on Etsy. She makes upcycled clothes for kids too :)