Friday, September 14, 2012

War on Aging::Daily Sunscreen

As promised - the first of several posts about my anti-aging agenda (and my obvious delusions that this vague plan is going to actually delay the inevitable).  I give you Avalon Organics' Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 18 - Lavender, for sensitive skin.  My friend, Mandi, introduced me to this lotion.  I wear this SPF moisturizer every single day even in the winter when I refuse to go outside. It offers "supreme sun protection, optimal moisturization" and "daily UVA and UVB protection with Vitamins C&E for defense against free radicals."  I honestly have no idea what free radicals are, but quite frankly - they sound like people I'd normally love to have over for dinner - yet here I am defending myself against them daily.  

Brief disclosure:  All the thoughts about the products (or other anti-aging tips in my arsenal) are all mine.  No one is paying me to talk about these products, and I bought them with my own money.

I love this lotion.  It smells great.  It goes on smooth.  It works as a perfect base for my makeup.  I've been using it for a little over a year now.  You can buy it from a great company called Vitacost for $11.23 a bottle.  I am an over-achieving slatherer, and yet I don't even make it through two bottles a year.  I also order my favorite deodorant from Vitacost.

So what about you?  Are you using sunscreen on your face every day?  What products do you use that you enjoy?  I hate how late in life I started applying daily SPF protection on my face.  I have always used sunscreen when swimming or during times when I knew I'd be in the sun, but it's relatively new for me to wear sunscreen every single day even when I'm not swimming or hanging out for long periods of time outdoors.


Got weekend plans?  Aaron is going to see this guy in concert tonight.  Three of us in this house are still in community theater mode.  As thankful as I am for us to have this experience, I'm also really tired, behind, haven't run since Saturday, and so I'm ready for the play to be over. It's very weird to fully love something and yet also want it to end soon.  We have met a lot of fun, new people at the theater.  Ashton is Winthroping it up, and is so cute I simply don't know what to do with myself.

How about some weekend links...

Speaking of skin care products, have you seen this website?  Pretty interesting.  Simply type in your favorite cosmetic or toiletry and find out what's inside.

I would love to see my high school English teacher wearing this.

I'm eating a whole pan of these the next time I want to hate myself.

Then I'll eat nothing but these for three days - just to balance it all out.

Once the weather cools off the kids start asking for these.  I am bound and determined this year to learn how to make a paleo/gluten-free version.

This is the perfect, dreamy song for the weekend.

Wow.  Isn't this the truth?

Anyone going to see this?

This is a great coupon.  Yum.

We are talking seriously about going on our first ever tent-camping, camping trip.  I need to read this.

I am in love with this idea from Half the Sky - and this is one of my favorite musicians featured today. 30 free songs by female artists supporting women?  Heck yeah!

Don't forget to put this on your calendar October 1 and 2.

No matter what you're up to this weekend, I hope it's beautiful.


Andy and Jennifer said...

No comments up yet, so I figured I tell you I love your posts, and I am going to buy some sunscreen (I use some every day, but I haven't found an organic one I like; I've been using, I think I will check it out on that website and weep.)

Fiveboys said... many muffins does that recipe make? Doesn't say it...

Also, I'd love to hear an update about how you all are eating.


mandi said...

Oh no! We missed Jr.??? We are HUGE Jr. fans! Saw our first show in 1999 in Austin. That club has a great line up for the rest of the year. Thanks for that info.

ps- thanks for the link!

Madster said...

Preach it sister! I use sunscreen everyday. When I was still living in the USA, I was crazy about being under the sun and "cook" myself. I know better now.
I mainly use Clinique BB cream that already contains 30+SPF and use it as my make up as well. But underneath, I use toner and moisturizer.

I've read recently that Badger produce a natural sunscreen that can protect your skin. But I'm not sure of the consistency. I live in humid Singapore, so I'm mindful on what I need to put on my face so that it will not be so oily.

I just want to age gracefully afterall. And it takes some effort to do it gracefully :)

Landreneau Family said...

I can't wait to try this...I've been using just coconut oil on my face, but my mineral make up has sunscreen in it.

What do you use to wash your face?


jan said...

nothing to do with sunscreen :), but have you ever heard of 'frownies'? they are bizarre, and awesome! i wear the one for the forehead. always been weird about creases between the eyebrows. frownies literally take them away if you are okay with sleeping with one on at nighttime. i like the way they feel, but i'm odd like that :)

LD said...

I'm back! Sorry for the delay... I was getting ENGAGED this past weekend! Woohoo! Anyway, I'm here with my derm knowledge for you.

Skin care is complicated and more women than you think still struggle with acne. I firmly believe that every skin care routine has to be tailored to the individual person, but there are a few key factors that should be a part of everyone's.

1) The single most important thing you can do to prevent signs of aging is sun protection. There is just no substitution for protecting your skin. I recommend at least an SPF 30 in your moisturizer everyday. Sunscreen also needs to be re-applied every few hours when you're outside so a good powder-based sunscreen is a great way to keep it on your skin without having to re-do your makeup all the time. IF YOU ARE A RUNNER, you need 2 forms of sunscreen on when you run - one is not enough. I like the Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 30 and an SPF 50 powder by Color Science called Sunforgettable (

2) Retin-A. Remember when you were a teenager and you used Retin-A for acne? Well guess what, it also treats fine lines and wrinkles! You can get Retin-A in all sorts of strengths depending on how sensitive your skin is, and I recommend using it at night with your moisturizer (and it treats acne!).

3) A good night cream with growth factors can do wonders. These are sort of pricey, but the pictures are unbelievable. My favorite is Neocutis Biocream ( You have to get it from a derm office (good thing you know a derm PA), but it's awesome. My whole family is now addicted to it.

4) Last thing - a really good face wash. I use 2 - at night I use one called Cerave Foaming Wash that takes off makeup really well and is very gentle. In the mornings I use that Neocutis Exfoliating Wash that has glycolic acid in it - glycolic is gentle but it helps unclog pores and keep your skin looking fresh.

My routine looks like this:
AM - Wash face with Neocutis, moisturize/SPF with Aveeno, makeup, Sunforgettable powder if going outside
PM - Wash face with Cerave, Differin Lotion (gentle Retin-A), Biocream

Then of course we tailor it by adding lightening cream, eye cream, etc. for what you need.

LD said...

Also just in case anyone wants to know about fillers/botox here's a quick run down:

Crow's feet, forehead lines, angry face lines between eyebrows (you know what I'm talking about) are all treated with Botox or Dysport.

Frown lines around the mouth and loss of fat in the cheeks or under the eyes are treated with filler (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm).

As we age we lose fat in our face and gain it elsewhere, so sometimes the best anti-aging treatment is just to give a little bit of that volume back, especially in someone who has lost a lot of weight. We inject a natural substance that attracts water to those areas to plump them back out, and that needs to be touched up once a year or so.

Just some food for thought :)