Friday, September 28, 2012

This Will Happy Up Your Friday::Weekend Links

best photo bomb ever

Does anyone else need to laugh?  I've had one of those weeks that leave me thankful for friends and downright desperate for laughter.  During difficult days I'm grateful for those rare people in life who consistently make this planet far more fun and hilarious.  Michelle, the photo bomber is one of those treasures.  Her resume of ridiculousness is impressive. She's one of the girls who randomly decided to join the Fourth of July parade we were watching this summer.  She up and joined a parade, ya'll.  One moment a spectator.  The next, a card-carrying, pageant waving, parade participant.  Even though Michelle is more than a decade younger than I am, when she sends me a text she oftentimes refers to me as "Dumb-butt." This is love.  She is the best kind of wonky. Without people like Michelle, this world would be sad and as bland as gluten-free, organic cereal.

I propose a toast to all the Michelles in our lives.  Got a Michelle?  Tell me a funny story.  Let's laugh our way into the weekend.

P.S.  Today my oldest baby turned 13.  I'm not writing a post about him today because I would cry, and I try not to cry on Fridays. Besides, we can't have his party for a few weeks, so we're kind of in denial that we're now the parents of a teenager.  Pass the wine.  The whole bottle.

How about some weekend links?

This is exactly why I am too afraid to learn to knit or crochet.

Don't forget!  I'm excited to get together with some friends and watch this on Monday.  Are you watching?

This is scary.  I keep trying to remind myself that my kids are watching and one day (way too soon) they will be driving.

This is creative and beautiful.

Yes.  Have you felt this way lately?

Nursing moms, isn't this fantastic?

I love this idea for boys.  

I'm reading this right now and loving it.  It reminds me of two other books I love - this and this.

This is something to follow along with this week.  Mercy Project is rescuing their first group of child slaves.  Don't miss it.

Can I introduce you to the other lovely ladies in the photo? The red dress is Juliette. She is the reason why the Fair Trade Fair is a reality.  The white shirt holding the cute baby is Becca. She teaches Hudson's class at school. The serial killer in the back - Meesh.  My heart swells with love for the people in this picture.

I hope your weekend is lovely and filled with just the right amount of wonky and wonderful.  If you get down, simply take a gander at Michelle's freak of a photo bomb.  When I needed a laugh this week, it was my go-to, instant source of happiness.



Thanks for the laugh! I miss my zany mom! She and her best-friend -and-partner-in-crime were listening to an old song that said "I wish I had a pencil thin mustache" (I think that's Jimmy Buffet, isn't it?). They were bored so they painted on pencil-thin mustaches and then had to find a place to show them off so they drove through a local fast-food place called DerWeinerschnitzel just to enjoy the look on people's faces. That was in the 70's. We've gotten several decades worth of enjoyment out of it!

Nicky B said...

I literally just posted a post on my down-in-the-dumpness that led me to an impulsive online purchase - if only I had come here first...and found me a Michelle...... Sigh. Thanks for chuckles.

Kim said...

You've probably been here, but most nights I can't stop laughing at

Kelli said...

Ha! Funny! I missed that this weekend and I'm convinced it's because God knew I needed a laugh at this moment... My biggest baby turned 13 a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to write anything about it yet besides the fact that we had cake. I"m convinced that between my newly 13 year old and my 17 month old who has decided to create the "terrible 1's", I am going to go schizo as a parent!! I can't switch gears fast enough. Yesterday when I needed to be disciplining my (I think it was) 6 year old, I just looked at her and burst out laughing. She was like, "uh mom, what's funny?" and then she kind of snuck away because I think i started crying. Yeah, it's been THAT kind of week... oh well. praise God for his new mercies tomorrow!