Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Water Potions

Mint leaves + water + mason jar = summer

Have you tried any of the cool flavored water recipes online?  I put "make water potions" on our list of things to do next week.  If I call something a "potion," our boys will try almost anything. We have a really great farmers market and local produce store near our house.  I thought it would be fun to go gather what we'll need this weekend and make a new water potion every day next week.

We're going to try these:

Inviting Waters from Martha Stewart

Pineapple Mint from The Yummy Life

Lavender Orange Water from Organic Authority

We're also going to try Mango, lime, and mint.

Look at this cool contraption for infusing water with flavor.

If you think everything tastes better in a mason jar, have you seen these cool lids that turn a mason jar into a travel mug?  Brilliant!

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Bob & Judy said...

In Mexico, they make every kind of fruit "agua fresca." (Fresh water)

A favorite is Jamaica, (huh-MY-kuh) using a certain dried hibiscus flower. I'll bet they have them in the grocery store.

Also canteloupe. Put the seeds and gunk from the canteloupe in the blender. Strain into water. It's pretty yum. You may want to add sweetener, maybe not.

Watermelons that are too ripe and mushy - terrific water.

We've also had green waters that have alfalfa mixed with fruit.

But you can't beat mint and lemon.

Peggi said...

I went to a wedding this summer and they served cucumber mint water. It was wonderful! So much better than regular water.