Saturday, July 28, 2012

Caution: The Following Images are Graphic

We love the Olympics.  The hard work, determination, and mind-blowing talent on display.  Nations coming together in peace to celebrate friendship and the beauty of the human spirit.  The natural conversations that unfold with our kids as we appreciate the gift of other cultures.  Topics like Ramadan, equality for women, and world peace surface while watching athletes compete.  The magic of the Olympics transforms our kids into eager learners.  They are inspired. Not only by the strength and resolve of the athletes but also by the realization that this world is big and beautiful.

I don't think there could be a more lovely image than to see a giant dove of peace flying through the air during the opening ceremonies last night. The wings - covering each nation - each athlete.  If I try really hard to forget that the dove was riding a glow-in-the dark bike and looked a lot like E.T. the image is really moving.  Was I eating wild mushrooms or watching the opening ceremonies last night?  At times, it was hard to tell.

We've burned about 2.2 calories total today.  If there was an Olympic sport called Couch Sit, we'd bring home the gold.  Every couple hours we force our kids to do some jumping jacks - you know - so we don't petrify.  While gorging on beach volleyball and boxing, we came up with these...

all retro graphics from The Graphics Fairy.    

{Fun Olympics links}

Feel like a geographical idiot after the opening ceremonies?  While watching the Olympics, hone your geography skills over at Jet Punk.

Another fun Olympic quiz from Jet Punk.

For the kids - these free Olympics printables from Tinyme are not only adorable but also a lot of fun. Our boys used the Opening Ceremonies Bingo Cards last night.  Really cool.

Opening Ceremonies photos from The Big Picture.  Incredible!

For fellow Texans:  Did you know 33 Olympians are from the Lone Star State?  Out of those 33, 23 are from Texas A&M.  Can I get a Whoop!  Check out these Aggie athletes in London!


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