Friday, June 22, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True

This week we were at a local children's event at Barnes and Noble.  Do you have a Barnes and Noble in your town?  If so - they have really great, free children's events like this one.   While my kids were each busy picking out a pile of books that I was not going to buy them, I meandered around Barnes and Noble and stumbled upon this beauty - The Original Snoopy Sno-cone Machine.

I had this exact snow cone machine as a kid.  I spent an entire summer making snow cones like the well-being of the planet depended on whether or not ice was finely crushed.  I was saving the world one Snoopy sno cone at a time.  I'd crank that ice until my arm went numb.  I remember making snow cones and really and truly believing that one day I'd grow up to own my own snow cone stand.  Even then, I knew - I was a dreamer, and these snow cone dreams were pretty lofty.

I adored that plastic, red shovel and not only used it to collect the tiny ball of shredded ice - but to also eat my snow cone right out of the paper cup.  Fancy, no?  I cried the day I ran out of official Snoopy sno cone syrup.  I would drink it right out of the snowman bottle sometimes, so running out shouldn't have been such a shocker.  I resorted to Kool-Aid snowcones eventually but it was never the same.  Probably because Kool-Aid has water in it.  That heavenly Snoopy syrup was probably dyed corn syrup with added sugar for good measure.

When I saw this sno cone maker at Barnes and Noble I was so overcome with nostalgia I almost bought it.  I walked around the store with it for awhile, but in the end - I put it back on the shelf because I realized if I bought this sno cone factory I'd have to share it with my kids.  Judge me all you want, but I knew - I wasn't ready for sharing.  And hiding in my closet to crank out frozen treats with a Snoopy sno cone maker is too weird - even for me.

When I got home, I posted the photos and write up about the event on the local website we run. No big deal.  I included a short shout out about the sno cone maker I found at Barnes and Noble.

Yesterday - get this.  The boys and I piled out of the car, wet and tired from an afternoon of swimming at the public pool.  We drug our drowsy, damp bodies to the front porch and look what was waiting on our doorstep!

I chunked down soggy pool towels and the pool bag right there on the front porch, screamed, and snatched up this dream come true!

I was squealing as I unraveled the note to find out what rock stars left this awesome surprise.  Our sweet friends, the Meadows, who are about to move to Haiti to work with one of our favorite companies, were the culprits.  Those Meadows!  I called Bethany and pretty much screamed in her ear.  Come to find out, they had a Snoopy sno cone machine and were about to get rid of it.  Their move to Haiti is very close, so they are busily selling their belongings, giving them away, and packing a few things they want to keep.

The Meadows bought most of our furniture and household belongings in Haiti and will even be staying in our house for a short time when they first arrive.  Remember Sozo - the woman we loved who worked for us?  She will be working for the Meadows.  Note:  my eyes just welled up with tears.  I love thinking of Sozo with the Meadows.  When we left Haiti we did so with broken hearts.  The Meadows - their friendship - and their upcoming move to Haiti have been one of the many ways we've experienced beauty and grace during this hard transition home.  We will miss them personally and so will our church.  We're sad and excited to see them off to Haiti.

You know what they always say.  "When life gives you lemons - make Snoopy sno-cones."  They do say that, right?

What are your weekend plans?  We plan to continue the conversation on short-term missions next week.  We're eating ice cream today and playing Uno with friends.  Garage sales, the farmers market, snoopy sno cones, and a baseball game are on the agenda for Saturday.  I hope your weekend is beautiful!

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Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Eeeeee! We had this, too! I loved it! :)

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

mandi said...

We had not one, but TWO when I was a kid! And I found one at the thrift store last summer- still in the box! Can you even believe the luck!?