Thursday, May 31, 2012

He Turned 10

When Wonder Boy asked for a camp out to celebrate the double digits, I got really excited.  "You can invite  a couple friends, and I will start pinning all the cute 'camp out' parties on Pinterest."  He only caught the first part of that sentence because yuh-know:  He doesn't speak "lady."  A few minutes into searching the internet for camping party ideas it hit me.  Why the extra work?  Why the fluff?  Why spend time printing labels for snacks when - duh - we all know what a juice box is.  It's a camp out for heaven's sake.  With BOYS.  What I really want for this nature-loving child is a camp out you see on the movies - the simple, this-is-what-boys-live-for and makes us long for the summers of our childhoods kind of camp out.  The throw granola bars and candy in a sack, kids running through the yard eating Doritos right out of the bag, flashlights, head-lamps, and Twizzlers kind of camp out.  I tossed out all the cute camping themes, decor, and precious "Smores Bar" ideas because our child wanted to ring in the 10 with a night of boys, and turtles, and fire, and hot dog roasting, and taking bites that are way too big, and tomfoolery, and Starburst roasting, and smores making, and watermelon eating, and seed spitting, and crawfish catching, and stick gathering, and fire, and more fire, and glow stick hide-and-seek, and cupcakes served right on a metal baking pan and oh - this thing called fire. Did I mention fire?

bug birthday gifts
One of his friends gave him a nest containing hundreds of praying mantis eggs.

We promptly hung up the baby bug nursery outside.

Who cares if it's a grizzly camp out.  This child still requested strawberry cupcakes and pink icing.  I heart this boy who daily moons "what people think." He has no use for public opinion - or hair brushes.

I told the boys I'd pay them each a dollar if they made it through the night in the tent.
I lost 5 bucks this morning.
If this picture came with a scratch and sniff feature, you'd gag.
They smelled like fire, crawfish, bug spray, and man sweat.

Before bed I put on my excited, "this is cool" face and said, " can totally shower before you go to bed if you want.  How awesome would that be?  Right?  To be all clean in your tent?"  My enthusiastic request was met with a lot of  "What?  No WAY!  Showers are for girls!"  Boys.  They major in disgusting.

Except for this child.  He disappeared for a few minutes then ran outside and hugged me.
"I took a shower, mom."
I sniffed him up, told him goodnight, and how much I adored him.

Happy Birthday Hayden
You are wonder.
You are loved.
You are backyard camp out kind of magical.


mandi said...

I heart that boy too. Happy birthday Hayden!

Jenny Chapman said...


Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

I laughed when I read about the fire part. Last weekend was our first camping experience in 6 years. Andrew was TWO the last time we camped. He was VERY enthralled with the FIRE during camping - especially if he could BURN something (like the paper plates). So boy. Funny how they think. thanks for the laugh!

rooney said...

i read, but don't comment, but on this post i had to. savor the moments, mom. those sweet boys will grow up and move out and you will wish with all your might you could smell them, in all their sweat glory, just one more time. (sniff!sniff!)
jackie (an empty-nester)

Bob & Judy said...

Love that one of a kind 10 year old!!

Kathy C. said...

roasted starbursts. who knew?

Kayla said...

Can you please explain this amazing roasting starbursts thing? I have never heard that before! Are they any good?

Hendrick Family said...

Starburst roasting = delicious. You roast them just long enough that the outside is crunchy and the inside is gooey. Yum!

Jami Hazlerig said...

I've always kind of had the thought that I would probably end up with all boys when I have kids. This posts makes me a little more ok with that feeling. Even kind of excited. :)

meagan said...

I love seeing summertime pictures of your boys. They seem to have the same summer "uniform" that my 4 boys do: athletic shorts, muscle shirts (or, yanno, no shirts at all), and crocs. All boy, all the time.
Every time I get that little "wonder what it'd be like to have a girl?" pang, i just grab one of their heads, take a big whiff of that sweet-sweaty boy smell and know that this is what I was made for. Love these boys of mine. <3