Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hope in the Form of a Tomato Plant

Spring is a persistent teacher.  Every year, wisely reminding us of sacred truth.  No matter how dark or dreary the season we're in, Spring gently shows us that seasons change, and when they do it's hard to remember the cold, ugly days of winter.

In the bleakness of winter we began planting seeds.  The urge so strong, there was no containing it.  On those sad dark days, filled with confusion and a lot of hurt, I would sit and watch the sun rise every morning.  The words in my Bible meant very little.  They seemed empty and void.  The message of a sunrise spoke deeply to my soul.  It was during one of those sunrise shows I felt moved to plant some seeds.  Holding the tiny pieces of promise in my hand, I felt hopeful.  For days I watered nothing but dirt.  No signs of life.  Only faith that life was there...waiting...under the surface.  I could not see the work under the soil but roots were growing.  Strong ones. Reaching.  Anchoring the new life that was coming.

Every morning since those dark days I've watched these plants.  The days have grown warmer.  We're no longer hunched over, crippled by the cold.  We can stretch and breathe.  The sadness of winter has been replaced by the skip of Spring.

These little plants and our little hearts are stronger.  Healthier.
I water these plants every day and whisper "thanks" for the lesson they have taught me.

What once was dead is now living.  What once was cold and dark now shines with rays of warmth.  What once was barren and ugly is now inhabited and beautiful.  Spring.  Relentlessly reminding.

If your soul resides in a season of winter, will you spend some time outside beholding the miracle of Spring?  May Jesus meet you in the middle of this seasonal gift He has given and speak truth to your hurting heart.


Marla Taviano said...

Love this, friend. I blogged our winter/spring story today. Hugs! And happy skipping!!

Anonymous said...

I so needed to hear this.