Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Thinking

The Earth Day Photo Booth is coming along!  Thanks for all your fun ideas!

Driving around in our vehicle either one of two things happens:  1.  We fall hard and heavy into a beautiful, deep, rich conversation.  OR  2.  Total chaos is erupting.  99.9999 % of the time total chaos is what's going down, but every once in awhile bits of beauty happen unexpectedly.

One of those moments happened yesterday when we were talking about Earth Day.

The gist of the conversation was this: We all decided it would be really weird if we say we love someone a whole lot and then do not value what that person loves or has created.  One of the kids used the example of a friend of ours who is a musician and song-writer.  " know how Mr. Ross writes music and plays it? It's a pretty big part of who he is?   What if Mrs Staci (his wife) said she loved Mr. Ross but was like... "Meh.  I don't listen to his music.  I mean sometimes, I do, but mostly....I don't really like it."  The boys all decided this had to be impossible.  No one can really love a person and not value what that person creates and loves.  The truth is, the boys actually thought Staci not liking her husband's music was an impossibility because Mr. Ross is a rock star to them, and he wrote a song about ninjas and bacon.  How could Mrs. Staci not totally dig those kind of tunes and lyrics?  These thoughts were appalling to our boys.  It took me a minute to reel them back in to the real conversation I was hoping would continue.  Yes.  They concluded: You probably can't really love someone deeply and not also love what that person passionately creates and loves.

Then we started talking about when Jesus asked how a person can hate their brother who they have seen and say they love God who they've never seen.  Jesus seemed to think you can't do both: hate and love at the same time.

Obviously, loving what God has created applies to people but we started wondering if celebrating, loving, and caring for the Earth...God's just another exercise in faith...where we love this tangible gift we can see as an expression of love for the one who created it - the one we long to see some day?

If God's Kingdom is coming, and our heart is set on it, I think it takes great faith to physically live as though this earth will be redeemed and restored.  As citizens of heaven, of a Kingdom we believe is advancing, I wonder if it should come more natural to us to look around this lovely place God formed, appreciate it, and want to see it protected and well stewarded?

I think so.  I want the faith to live so. 

Sometimes it overwhelms me how often God weaves into our normal, every day life, opportunities to live out faith.  I've never thought about recycling or repurposing being a way my soul longs for God's Kingdom to come.  However we care for the Earth, it's kind of nice to think of these normal, everyday, exercises being used to remind us of a coming Kingdom.

I'm hoping it's okay if every once in awhile I take what I posted on our new website and adapt it for this one.  I won't do that often, but sometimes, I think it would be cool.  Earth Day is Sunday, April 22.  I needed to write up some ideas for celebrating this great day with kids anyway, so I thought I'd post a list of "10 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day" here in this space as well.  Happy Earth Day!  List coming soon...


Sharon Wheeless said...

Grocery shopping and housecleaning (two things I used to loathe) got much easier for me when I started looking at them as stewardship.

I love those wonderful, spontaneous conversations in the car too!

Michelle said...

Totally agree with this.

Shelbey said...

I just want to let you know that you help me feel, well, not crazy. When I feel like I'm the only one I know that loves God that also wants to take care of His creation, I come here because I can think, "See? Someone else feels this way too." So thanks for posts like this one. :)