Friday, April 13, 2012

Cream Cheese::The Egg Salad Game Changer

A few short, sad years ago if you said the words, "egg salad" and asked me what immediately comes to mind, I would have shouted out..."cute little grannies."  I was convinced no one under the age of 92 ate egg salad sandwiches.  That's until my friend, Jenn shared her egg salad recipe with me.  There's cream cheese in this version.  That's right.  Cream.  Cheese.  Save me a place at the table please, grandma.

If you still have a refrigerator full of colorful Easter eggs, get excited.  You'll need:

8 boiled eggs

1 block of cream cheese

1/4 onion

1 heaping tablespoon of spicy mustard

salt and pepper to taste


While your eggs are boiling, put cream cheese in a bowl to soften. Do you know if you boil eggs with salt in the water, they are way easier to peel? They are! Ironically, I learned that trick from a real-live granny who owned a restaurant where I waitressed in college. 

Peel eggs. Add them to the bowl.

Chop onion super tiny (I use my handy-dandy Kitchen-aid hand chopper). Add onions to the bowl.

Smash the cream cheese, the eggs, and the onion together (I use a potato masher).

Add mustard, salt, and pepper to taste. I add a lot, because I like salt and pepper and thus, taste. Then add paprika. I would say add paprika to taste, but I'm sorry...I'm convinced paprika is a placebo ingredient. So, add paprika for visual stimulation. Even though I can't taste the paprika, I still add it...because it makes me feel fancy...and it makes me feel like a wise old granny.


Then, put the egg salad in the refrigerator for a couple hours. Honestly...I never make it in time to leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before lunch. So, on the first day, I eat a luke-warm egg salad sandwich. It's good...but the next day...oh egg sac...this stuff has turned into a huge bowl of egg cheesecake like material that is even more to die for than the day before.

When I was in my 20's and had a metabolism that actually got out of bed in the mornings, I could eat egg salad on a croissant with cherry tomatoes and a heaping side of jalapeno chips.  Pure bliss.

Now that I'm not in my 20's and my metabolism is more like a drunk aunt who never changes out of her pajama pants or leaves the house, I eat egg salad lettuce wraps.  They are still pretty good, but man do I miss the egg salad of my 20's.

I'm still standing my ground with pimento cheese.  I refuse to eat it.  You have to draw a line somewhere in the sandwich sand.  


Sandy said...

Totally agree with the pimento cheese sandwich--have to draw the line somewhere and that is where my line is drawn too :-)

Emily said...

Try smoked paprika, not a placebo ingredient. I love the smokey/sweet flavor on EVERYTHING

Ruth said...

Ha! I love the way you describe your metabolism!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Ok. Paprika = Placebo Ingredient. You need to make that a pinterest thing bc I think it would set a lot of people free. Also, I add "mustard" from a bottle AND mustard powder to my current I need clarification on the mustard ingredient, bottle or powder? Thanks!

Amy said...

That's sounds heavenly. I will try it. And I hate to do this to you, and to your metabolism which has obviously met mine, you may need to try this:

You'll notice that it also has our best friend, cream cheese, in it.

Small Town Joy: said...

Sounds so yummy!

Megan Fletcher said...

there's a pimento cheese recipe out there that has cream cheese. i haven't tried it yet, but I bet it *might* be something you'd like and would change your mind. maybe i'll try it and then let you know. [block of cream cheese, grated sharp cheese, grated cheddar cheese and 1/4 c. chopped mayo involved] But, I like "regular" pimento cheese (grew up in the south), so maybe I'm biased. I'll def try this recipe tho.

Melda said...

add some bacon and toast the bread and my boys are in....
Also, I don't know the recipe - but at a true Southern wedding I had the only pimento cheese on the planet that was worth eating and even though it was about 17 years still makes my mouth water.
It can be done right, like egg salad.

rachel said...

My pimento cheese is ah-mazing- half swiss, half cheddar, pimentos, mayo, fresh dill, cayenne, and garlic good
especially grilled on fresh bread.

this also looks amazing

John said...

You lived in haiti - you can do pimento cheese.

It's yummy - it's addicting.

Smileycue said...

Hungarian Paprika is the way to go. They spread it on bread as an appetizer. It is hot and very tasty. Paprika is a national food there (chicken Paprikas is a signature dish, for example). Use it more generously than the recipe recommends, because it is tasty stuff, and better for you than salt.

the momma said...

Oooh ~ I'll have to try this (although I have always enjoyed egg salad sandwiches. hmmm...)

Have you tried egg salad on jicama? No? Well, you should. It's not exactly croissant-like, but it's good!

keight dukes said...

you had me at "oh egg sac..." like you had me forever.

Zara said...

Oh sweet goodness, I've never had egg salad like this! I made some adjustements cause I can't find some things at the store over here (I live in South Korea now), but just the cream cheese (which is worth its weight in gold here, cause they rarely use dairy in anything!) alone mixed with the eggs made me swoon! LOVE IT!!!

Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I am way behind on my blog subscriptions, and just read this post today. I hadn't realized it was weeks old, and was just about to jump through your computer screen to say WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! THE EASTER EGGS ARE DEFINITELY ROTTEN! DO NOT EAT THE EASTER EGGS! Ha. I love egg salad and concur about the pimento cheese. And oh my goodness, NO thank you to the ham salad. And the imitation crab salad.