Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22.  Looking for ways to celebrate this great planet?  Here are 10 ideas to make Earth Day fun and memorable.
1.  Plant a Vegetable Garden
With the weather this nice, it's the perfect time to be outdoors.  Nothing is more exciting to kids than getting their hands in the dirt and planting a garden.  Rumor has it kids are more likely to try eating vegetables they grew themselves.  Check out this free, printable gardening journal for added fun. Gardens can be really elaborate or as simple as planting a few tomato plants in a container.  Either way, grab your gardening gloves and grow something together!
2.  Plan a Picnic
The Nature Conservancy is attempting to break a world record for most picnics in one day in celebration of Earth Day.  Want to join the fun?  Check your local parks and recreation website to find a list of parks and amenities or throw a picnic right in your own back yard. 

3. Hike a Nature Trail
Many cities have nature trails to enjoy.  These are oftentimes hidden and hard to find.  Check your local parks and recreation website or call their office to find a nature trail near you.

4. Feed the Ducks
If you want to get close to nature, you can take a trip to a local pond and spend some time feeding the ducks.  

5.  Fly a Kite
Did you know it's National Kite Month?  Celebrate Earth Day and National Kite Month by getting out and flying a kite with your family.  Many Hobby Stores run specials on kites during the month of April.  If you don't want to purchase a kite, you could try making one of your own!   

6.  Attend an Earth Day Event or Festival
Check your community's calendar or newspaper to find local Earth Day Events and Festivals.  Chances are, your city is celebrating and you won't want to miss it.  Earth Day Events are usually fun for the whole family.  The kids have a blast, and we as parents get a lot of green ideas to implement at home.  Community Earth Day Events are a great, one-stop-place to find green resources available to households in your city.
7.  Free Some Critters in Your Garden
And by critters, we mean the good kind.  Ladybugs and earth worms are great for gardens.  You can usually find both at your local nursery or hardware store.  Our kids love going to our local feed store, buying a container of ladybugs, and then setting them free in our garden.  What a fun Earth Day tradition.
8.  Pick Up Litter
Why not spend an hour or so picking up litter at one of your family's favorite public places?  Not only will you be giving back to the community, you'll also be teaching kids a valuable lesson about caring for the Earth and your community.  Got a favorite park or green space?  Celebrate Earth Day by tidying it up a bit.

9.  Cook an Earth Day Meal
Get excited about Earth Day by planning a special family meal using locally grown ingredients.  Take a trip to your local farmer's market or out to a small, family farm.  Consider trying something different like a new type of vegetable, free-range eggs, raw milk, or grassfed meat.  If you're not sure where to find locally grown food, Eat Wild has a database of small farms.  Maybe there is one near you!

10.  Make a Bird Feeder
If you feel like celebrating Earth Day without ever leaving home this weekend, try your hand at a bird feeder made out of recycled materials.  Find the directions and details here.

However you celebrate, Happy Earth Day!

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mandi said...

Great ideas! I'm so excited to see more families celebrating earth day these days! When I started (when i was in jr. high!!!) I was hard pressed to find people to hang with. Have fun on the big day!