Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break in Photos::Part Two

{Boat Making}



Two seconds later Hudson ran over and stomped on all the boats.  Sinking them.
Think Dash off of the Incredibles movie.  That's how quickly Hudson moves.

{Backyard Camp-Out With Friends} 


decorations courtesy of Ashton

We also roasted Starbursts.  Have you heard of this?  I think I ate half a bag.  The inside gets gooey.  The outside gets a little crunchy.  Yum.

Hudson is really enjoying himself.  Can't you tell?

be very, very afraid
Hudson.  Fire.  Sharp object.
Not bright of us.

{Freak Fever Rides Again} 

Spring Break Week-O-Awesomeness was once again interrupted by a freak fever episode.  The last time we had a fever scare was last year during Spring Break.  How is that possible?  As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone in our house has been sick at all since Spring Break last year.  Weird, right?  Last year, while we were living in Haiti, Hudson ran such a high fever he had a seizure.  It was very scary.  This year, Hayden's fever quickly spiked to 105.  It all happened so fast.  One minute he's barely running fever at all.  The next we've got a lot of fever-reducing meds in his system and cold rags on his head and neck.  Thankfully we have a great doctor friend.  Aaron called him.  He reminded us that our kids are weird and run really high fevers.  Thankfully, he talked us through what to do, keeping us out of the emergency room.  24 hours later, Hayden was playing outside with his brothers.  Freak fevers, we'll be watching for you Spring Break 2013.


Aaron said it looks like he's worshiping God..about to be hit in the face with a kickball.  Why do I think this is so funny?

The beer goggles ride again.
I know why I think this is so funny.  
Because it is.

{St. Patty's Day Feast} 

rosemary/thyme potatoes
Cut up potatoes in small cubes.  Place in a large bowl.  Coat with olive oil.  Spread potatoes on a large baking pan.  Generously cover in salt, pepper, garlic granules, onion powder, fresh rosemary and thyme.  Cook in 400 degree oven for 30-45 minutes (or until tender).

This was my first time to ever cook a St. Patrick's Day meal.  The first time we celebrated St. Patrick's Day was last year in Haiti.  In Texas, St. Patrick's Day is not so much the big deal.  Apparently, in other parts of the country it's a real-deal holiday.  The kids loved the celebration in Haiti so much they begged to do it again.  We invited friends over and ate until we felt sick.  Corned beef.  Cabbage.  Sweet potatoes.  Rosemary/Thyme potatoes.  Spicy mustard.  Food traditions are my favorite.  There.  I said it.


We're back in full-on school mode this morning.  Spring Break Week-O-Awesomeness, we love you but you're such a tease.  Want to know the first thing I did this morning?  I counted how many days left until summer.  


Kim said...

sometimes i read your posts and see your kids and wish that we were neighbors. there. i said it.

Bob & Judy said...

Poppi runs freak fevers. Normal to delirious in minutes. Sorry to have passed that gene along.