Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break in Photos:: Part One



I've heard there are kids that go to a park and slide down the slides and swing on the swings.  I have yet to raise one of those.

It was a lot colder than the weather channel forecast said it would be.  I was sure that our kick-start for Spring Break Week-O-Awesomeness would lead to pneumonia in the kids.  Nothing says "fun" like an upper respiratory infection.  Thankfully this not-so-bright-of-an-idea did not land us with sick kids.


I have no photos of this outing because pictures in a movie theater are lame.  We loved the movie.  Any kid's film that allows for conversations with my boys about responsible capitalism is great in my book.  Hudson did learn how to say a very dramatic and drawn-out..."HOLY CRAP" from the movie.  He even knows how to use it in context.  Wonderful.  Thank you for that, Lorax.


We have a Spoons yogurt in our town.  This is the promised land of frozen fabulosity.  They have gluten-free/dairy free options.  We met friends there for a treat and then headed to our favorite park to play the card game, Spoons and go on a nature walk.

The boys got so muddy they road home in their underwear.  Their clothes are still in the back of the truck.  I've gone to look at them a few times, but am not brave enough to pick them up.  During the nature walk Ashton said, "I was standing in water that smelled like tuna!"  I am always amazed that boys end such sentences with an explanation point.  The tuna statement explains my apprehension and denial about the fact that at some point their clothes will need to be washed.


This trail was so much the nature trail that it took us a very long time to find it.  It was high on nature.  Low on trail.  Once again we came home muddy.  Two sets of hazmat-worthy clothes are in the back of the truck.  Don't judge. 

Whether you are celebrating Spring Break or not this week, I hope these days have been filled with the hope that Spring brings.


Rachel said...


We just did that trail today... 2 mommas with 7 kids, 4 under the age of 3! We made it out surprisingly clean :) Though the trail was short, it was perfect for our group. That, along with awesome weather and no one getting injured, left us with a trip worth making again.

Was the museum worthwhile?


Hendrick Family said...


We had a group of 10, so that made admission $3.50 per person. My kids love the room with all the that room alone is worth it for my kids. Well...that and the penny machine in the lobby.

We ate lunch at the picnic tables. I looked all over for the beginning of the nature trail and could not find it. We finally had to get a museum worker to come show us! Ha!

The nature trail is very short...but the kids liked it. There's also a really big pond there as well.

So...for 3.50 per kid (3 and up) I'd say it was worth it.


Melda said...

So glad your spring break is going well...and thankful that ours is coming, and I can just copy all your ideas...

Is the raccoons in the bathroom for real??

I think I'd hold it!

Sharon and Manuel said...

Just wanted to say that I have had to scale down reading any blogs, books, internet research...all things I LOVE doing due to busy-ness in our family in the last 10 months...and I am down to only ONE! Yours! I can't give this up...yep addicted! Yeah...just sayin'


T & T Livesay said...

Did Anson correct the incorrect use of there/their on the raccoon sign?

I am hoping it was him.

their. i said it.

Stacey said...

Now that is one earful of rocks up there! ;)

It looks like they had a great time! Smiles all the way around!

Emily said...

I just ran across your blog today and loved the Spoons reference and all the fabulous pictures of your boys. I did my undergrad at A&M and will be returning for my master's in the fall, but am currently in Spain and missing every single thing about College Station! --Emily