Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smiles and Shivers







 Don't let their smiles fool you.  They were freezing.

As soon as the sun comes out and wearing shorts is bearable, the boys start pestering me to take them swimming.  I tell them it's too cold.  It's not time yet.  Just because it's sunny and warm during the day does not mean the water in a deep swimming pool will be warm. You'll freeze your bum off.  You'll get sick.

Then I stop mid-parent lecture and think, "If I tried hard enough, I wonder if I could pinpoint the exact moment when I became my parents."


Bob & Judy said...

Pretty close to Sept 28, 1999. Bringing home a little blanket full of human life propels you right there.

Love you guys. And love the pictures.

Anthony & Sharon said...

I know I've never met him in person, but Hudson has the happiest happy pictures ever.
Happy Spring!