Friday, March 30, 2012

Mercy Project's Record-Breaking Baseball Game

Mercy Project, a Texas based organization working to free child slaves in Ghana is playing a 49 hour, world-record breaking baseball game to raise money and awareness for the work they are doing in Africa.  We have the great pleasure of going to church with the people behind Mercy Project.  We're awfully proud of the work they are doing.

We were "official witnesses" tonight.  That's a fancy way of saying we watched the game and signed some papers verifying that the team played by the rules (as if I would know if they didn't).

The players can sleep in shifts for two hour increments between now and Sunday, but the game can't stop.  Since I am not an athlete, I can only equate what these players are doing to giving birth and breastfeeding around the clock for 49 hours.  I want to cry that crazy, irrational kind of cry simply imagining what these players will go through this weekend.

Tents at the baseball field.  

By Sunday the players will be miserable, but we're incredibly thankful for what they are doing to raise awareness for children suffering in Ghana.

"The ultimate goals of the baseball game are to create awareness about the plight of child slaves around the world and raise money that will directly help children in slavery in Ghana.  An estimated 7,000 Ghanian children have been sold into slavery, most of them in the fishing industry.  The money raised from this record attempt will build new farm fishing opportunities, enabling the communities in that region to be economically viable without slavery."

Child slavery is always the tip of the iceberg.  Underneath are miles and miles of economic and societal breakdown.  Only devastating poverty and hopelessness creates a culture that leads parents to sell their children into slavery.  We're grateful that Mercy Project sees the bigger picture; the need for sustainable economic opportunities in Ghana.

Our family will be at the baseball field throughout the weekend.  We want to cheer on the players, support what Mercy Project is doing, but most importantly...we want to watch as the delirium sets in.  We Hendricks never miss a freak show.  You can find us on the front row.

For more information about Mercy Project, spend some time catching up on their website this weekend.


Kayla said...

This sounds fantastic! You should take some videos as the slap-happiness of sleep deprivation sets in. I would love to see that.

Melda said...

Is that a Palermo head I see in that "tent" photo?
If so, will you squeeze those people for me!

Love and miss you Texas folk!
(and I could totally go for some Free Birds right now)