Friday, February 10, 2012


4 boys. 1 hill.  1 giant barrel.
We all know what's about to transpire.

Apparently the barrel they were riding in had some dead fish in it at some point and "smelled like the dump."
Yet they still shoved their bodies into it.  Again.  And Again.
Such dear little boys.
Have a great weekend!


Captain Murdock said...

if it weren't for the bit about dead fish and the dump, I'd be tempted to shove my body in the barrel. Looks like fun. Gotta love boys!

Kim said...

Any vomiting?? Cause that SO would've been me!

Christy said...

Ha! Dead fish smell...boys are soo gross. My guys would have done the same exact thing and not even think twice about the gross smell. Don't ya just love 'em?!

Beth said...

Someday you need to have your blog turned into a book. I would buy it. I would buy alot of them and they'd be Christmas and birthday presents for everyone I know!
Cause you are awesome.

mamamargie said...

The dead fish smell just makes it all the more BOY. :)