Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving On Down the Road

We said good-bye to the farm this weekend and moved into a cute as a button rent house about 45 minutes away.  It's an old, yellow house with a big front porch and a tire swing.  We'll only be here temporarily while we continue to look for a house to buy.  Aaron is still pursuing full-time employment but has found a great part-time job and is doing some freelance projects.  The move brought us closer to where Aaron is working, to our church, to all our friends...

As if moving isn't the most awful activity ever invented, I also decided to start two of our kids on a gluten free/dairy free diet at the exact same time we were packing and hauling our belongings up and down the road.  I jumped into this new diet without really having half a clue how to feed our kids.  Normally during a move, we eat enough fast food to make our pants nice and tight.  Fast food is a "no-go" on the glutenless eating plan.  Instead, when I was right in the middle of unpacking or packing I'd have to run to the store and buy whole foods...and then cook them.  Why simply "move" when you can do "extreme moving?"  What is wrong with me?  I hate myself some days.  The moving/new diet has successfully made Aaron and I despise one another.  We've mentally flipped each other off all weekend.  We're putting the kids in bed early tonight and going back to liking each other again, dad-gum-it.

Strange fact:  We are living on the same street, two doors down from one of the houses we owned in this town. I can walk to two of our friend's houses.  This house where we're living has held many missionary families.  We feel loved and ready to take a deep breath and jump into life again.  And also a tad bit nervous.

Really strange fact:  Internet was installed at our house faster than we could even move in.  I've never seen such customer service.  They were practically waiting on the edge of their seats to turn our internet on in our house.  The last time we had internet installed was when we moved to Haiti. It took us one month and 6 trips to the internet place to finally get service.  When the internet man left yesterday, Aaron's phone rang.  It was the internet service provider wanting to make sure everything was installed correctly and that we were happy.  Weird.  We were thoroughly freaked out.

Before we left the farm, we found this cute disturbing sign down in Famville Farms, the city formerly known as Roxaboxen.

1.  No littering or composting inside of Main Street. 6B

2.  No Stealing. 9B

3.  No trespassing without asking.  3B

4.  No peeing in the open.  10B

5.  No sitting on the table.  3B

6.  No pooting or burping in other people's territory.  8B

7.  No hurting out of anger.  6B

8.  No one can hurt Runner.  3B  (Runner is a baby bird they were trying to rescue)

9.  Ask before taking something. 4B

10.  No digging in Main Street.  4B

11.  No screaming.  4B

12.  No arguing with the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Police, of Sheriff.  5B

13.  No knocking down the Law Board.  5B

14.  Horsemen can go anywhere and any speed limit.

15.  Cars can't go out of the street or road.

16.  No breaking houses out of anger.  7B

17.  No laughing at prisoners.  2B

18.  No calling mean names.  2B

19.  No spitting.  3B

20.  No cussing.  10B

21.  No stoning.  9B

Wondering what the numbers and the "B" business is all about?  We wondered the same thing.  Come to find out, if a Famville Farm resident breaks the rules, they go directly to jail.  In jail you lie in the grass on your back with bricks on your stomach.  The "B stands for bricks.  Let's say you knock over the Law board.  Uh-oh.  You get five bricks on your belly.  Lord of the Flies, anyone?

I love that stoning someone gets less bricks than cussing.  What tha?

We also found out that they have been "purifying" their own water.  Then drinking it.  Note to self:  This explains all the diarrhea lately.  

This is our first night back in our old town.

As we drove away from the farm I held our tray of tiny seedlings in my lap.  I couldn't help but look at each one of the tiny plants and think of new life.

Theirs and ours.


Small Town Joy: said...

Can't wait to read this new chapter of adventures!

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

WOW, you have had QUITE a time of it lately! I hope you get a little break, and feel peace where you are right now. Close to friends sounds wonderful! Familar city sounds WONDERFUL! I'll pray for you!

jan said...

you totally totally cracked me up!!!! i'm still smiling inside for whatever reason...some parts just struck me as stinking hilarious :) :) :)

We Are Family said...

sounds lovely

Sarah Kuhner said...

I so love reading your blog posts. You make me laugh out loud-often. I enjoyed reading how you are moving and trying to cook a gluten free diet. Wow are you a gluten for punishment. I had to go gluten free 8 months ago and, though it is easy now, it is quiet a life changer. Have fun with all the new changes.

T & T Livesay said...

These laws don't bode well for me and my cussing problems ... but I suppose if I ever need to just spit or "screem" (as I oftentimes do) maybe I'll head west to a town without such stiff penalties. A few nights ago I was walking up the steps behind Lydia. No reason what-so-ever she says "Oh shit" - Not believing I heard right, I said "what?!!?" She of course repeated it.

legacy leaver,


mandi said...

Book shelf! DOH! It's coming- I promise!

Btw- Levi survived the "purified water" with no side effects. phew!

Jordana M. said...

I dont know if you have any Mac products that can download apps, but if so, there is one called ICanEat OnTheGo for fast food menus w/ specific allergens.

We are dairy free and it's a LIFESAVER.

Bob & Judy said...

I notice the biggest penalties are for cussing and peeing in the open.

Did KayKay have some input on the peeing rule? Cause I cannot imagine Hendrick boys thinking that peeing in the open is a punishable offense.

Wish we were there to help with the moving. I know it's a double handful. You can do this gluten free thing. You're almost doing it already, with caveman eating.

Love you all. Grandma

Stacey said...

So happy for you! Enjoy your little yellow house! Enjoy eating right. Enjoy getting back to liking each other again.

You are way too funny!

Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

That is the most imaginative and wonderful little town ever... What creativity! I love the list of laws and corresponding brick sentences... wow.

Marla Taviano said...

Those are some good rules. Yes, watching someone pee out in the open can be disturbing, but have you ever been peed on by someone hiding up in a tree? That is way worse.

Singing Pilgrim said...

Did you notice that the law on the board isn't "no peeing" but actually "peeing"? :)

Shannon said...

My son would be in trouble as he's always embarrasing us with his peeing. I guess growing up in the country and being able to doesn't transfer well to city trips.
I'm wondering about the gluten/dairy thing. What is the reason behind it? If you're gonna do a post about it or anything don't worry answering. Something in my gut (no pun intended!) tells me I need to switch my daughter. That her health would improve. I'm sure all of us would have improved health.

hitek said...

Just love reading your stories and I so enjoy the stories of the children. You are a great mom and you have wonderful kiddos.