Friday, January 13, 2012

This Week: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

"Established through a Senate resolution three years ago, January 11 is dedicated to raising awareness of and opposition to human trafficking. " -- The Polaris Project

"...The issue of human trafficking is massive in scope and often overwhelming to consider. How can one person possibly impact such an immense, seemingly intractable global problem? You can start by becoming educated about the issue -- including in your own community. Next, be willing to say something. Ask Congress to reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Fight for anti-trafficking legislation in your state. And simply be willing to stand up and use your voice to say that slavery is wrong. If thousands of voices rise up the same way, they will surely be loud enough to end this tragedy in our time."
 -- Huffington Post

I am personally looking forward to attending this year's conference in Houston to become educated and find out how to be involved in my own community.  You can get more information about the Free the Captives Conference in Houston here.  

"The United States currently has between 100,000 and 300,000 prostituted children, with the average age of entry into prostitution for girls being 12-14 years old, and even younger for boys, according to the Polaris Project, which combats human trafficking across the country." -- Huffington Post

The issue of human trafficking is massive in scope and overwhelming to consider.  Oftentimes when something seems too big, I'm tempted to sit back and do nothing.  If our time in a third-world country taught us anything, it's that fighting the good fight rarely means we feel like the task before us is easy or even doable.  Most days, we won't feel like we win at all.  We may not even feel like we stand a chance.  Maybe only a few lives will ever be impacted.  I'm not sure if feeling like we're actually accomplishing something is the main point. 

One of my favorite songs is "When the Saints" by Sara Groves.  She paints a beautiful picture of people who are fighting for freedom.  In the end she simply says, "I want to be one of them." 

Maybe "being one of them" is "what it's all about."  I juxtaposed a Sara Groves song with the Hokey Pokey.  Shameful.  This requires that I repent.

We are given the opportunity to live out, on this earth, towards our fellow man, the very principles that are revered and lived out in heaven.  Does that get your heart pumping?  As people who have been freed, the gospel compels us to be lovers of freedom and modern-day abolitionists.  "I want to be one of them," don't you?


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...


Suzie said...

I'll put my right hand in!

Lindsey said...

Do you live in Houston?
I do! I'm going to be at the Conference. I went to the Conference last year and it was great! Hope to meet you there :-)

Amy said...

LOVE that song! Spurs me on! Did you know she has a new album... called Invisible Empires. My favorite song on it is called "Open my Hands", and if you love Sara Groves, II think it might encourage you while you wait to see this new chapter of your life unfold. My family is waiting to bring our baby girl home by int'l adoption, and this song undoes me!

Amy said...

Ooh, you might like "Eyes on the Prize" too. Similar theme to When the Saints. Same album.

Ok, I'm done now.