Thursday, January 12, 2012

Remembering Haiti

photo credit: The Boston Globe

Today we remember Haiti, the Haitian people, and so many friends who live there.

Two years ago Aaron and I were glued to the television hurting for a country we had never visited.

The Boston Globe published pictures shortly after the earthquake.  I will never forget them.  They were the images that sat heavy in my mind during the months when we decided to sell our dream home, uproot our family, and move to the country that the beautiful, strong people in those pictures called home. In a strange way those pictures will always be a part of our family's story.

It was emotional today for me to look through the photos The Globe published yesterday.  The photos are more recent, and just as moving as the original photos they posted two year ago, yet they seem to tell one side of the story.  The sad side.  One of the constant themes of our time in Haiti was that beauty and strength spring up in the most unlikely of places and situations.

I wish there were photos of the amputee soccer team that practiced every Saturday at the school where Aaron worked.  I have never seen such determination.  I wish there were photos of the mother who lost her daughter in the earthquake.  She is fighting to raise her tiny granddaughter while also caring for two other handicapped family members.  She does it with a smile on her face.  I wish there were photos of the mother who lost two of her young children on the day the earth shook.  The child that lived was badly injured.  A year and a half later she delivered a healthy baby boy and named him Raphael.  His name means, "healing God."

These are the stories we remember when we think of Haiti.

We grieve today with the Haitian people who have lost much, and yet remain brave, steadfast, resilient, and full of faith. We pray our healing God holds you today as you mourn and remember.


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Thank you for sharing your insight and a glimpse into what is good and beautiful in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

42 photos. some showing sadness, some showing people of strength and also of an amputee soccer team:-)

Shannon- said...

Definitely a day I'll never forget.

Brad and Carrie said...

It's so good to go back and count the evidences of grace you guys saw in Haiti. While the country is still in turmoil, the snippets you shared remind us that God hasn't forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.