Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sticks, Boys, Gardens

I was busy giving ugly buckets a face lift when Santa's sleigh Aaron's truck drove up.

Aaron paid a visit to the stick guy.  Our sons could not believe their eyes.
Four boys stood drooling and in awe of an entire truck-bed full of giant. sticks.
When we saw their stick-marveling faces Aaron and I had a revelation.
We should have waited and gotten the boys a truck load of behemoth sticks for Christmas.
We totally blew this.
Did you hear anything I just said or are you busy staring at the dirt on Aaron's truck?

Artemis thought she died and went to heaven.
I think she pulled a "sweep the knees" on Aaron right after I snapped this photo.
She doubles as a ninja.

Aaron built a beautiful fence all day.
It will be dreamy once it's finished.
He was dreamy in the meantime.

This is the cutest kid on earth.  The end.
Look at those lips.  If he can hold them just so...the nail will go in.
He attempted to hammer that same nail into every stick in the yard.

There was a moment as Aaron was driving fat sticks into the ground with a sledge hammer when he roared, "I feel like such a PIE-UH-NEER!" Rar. For some reason men think it would be cool to live like the people on Little House on the Prairie.  After he got feeling back in his arms Aaron sobered up.  "Well.  I feel like such a pioneer...until I walk over there and use my battery powered skill saw."  Whah-whah.  It was fun to feel like Charles Ingalls for 11 seconds.

Is it wrong to pray sincere prayers for cilantro to grow?  90% of our diet prior to moving here consisted of Mexican food.  The other 10% was made up of cream cheese.  If I could grow cream cheese I would.

Is there a better feeling?

Yes.  That 90 year old white lady is still hanging out in our back yard.  Total creeper.

This...this right makes my heart skip a beat.
New life bursting forth.  
Tiny growing bigger.
Weak getting stronger.
Reaching for the light.
Telling the truth.
Whispering, "Remember.  Never forget."


stephanie garcia said...

I love this post. It is bursting with happiness and just "family." Btw, we love cilantro here in Chile, too. Everything tastes way better with cilantro, yum!

Pamela Nees said...

I do laugh out loud at your posts. (Thank God for the gifts of humor and laughter!)

Seriously, you have the most handsome young men. You can tell by looking at their eyes that they are tender hearted. And Artemis is such a DOG!

Bless you guys!

One Thankful Mom said...

As always, I enjoyed your post. I love to feature blogs on my site each Sunday - today I'm featuring yours. Blessings on your family in this Advent season.


mandi said...

YAY!!! This makes me so happy! That fence is wonderful!
And, just for the record...some ladies like to dream of life on the prairie too.

ps: I'll be scouring my seed catalogs for cream cheese seeds for ya!

Debbie said...

I'm so jealous that you're putting seeds in the ground while it's 30 degrees in Louisville, Ky. But, I'll still pray that it grows. (-:

Life with Kaishon said...

Everything about this post made me smile.
Absolutely everything.

Melda said...

I know that I have never really met Hudson...but I just want you to know that I love him. Like - really - when I say the name Hudson - my heart feels funny and tears come to my eyes.

Thee Fire Wife said...

There is little better than watching your garden grow. Good luck!

Kim said...

I used to think I wanted to be all "Little House on the Prairie", too. That was until we had an ice storm and I lived without electricity for over a week. So thank goodness for power tools and warm showers. I will add your cilantro to my list of prayer requests. ;)

Sharon Wheeless said...

I want a giant stick for Christmas! And a ninja dog.