Sunday, December 18, 2011


Aaron finished the fence yesterday on our 112th attempt to grow a garden.
We've never added a fence before.
We figure when the garden fails, we will still have a fence.
Which means we're already winners.

Imagine that arbor and fence covered in beautiful vines.
It's so dreamy, I can barely stand it.
The boys scavenged rocks from all over the yard to form the walkways.
You would have thought they were building the Taj Mahal.
Aren't kid's brains magical?
Do you miss your kid brain?  I do.

To celebrate the fence's completion the lettuce popped up.
Wasn't that thoughtful?
Be still my beating heart.

Our first cilantro leaf.
Is it strange to sit and stare at one cilantro leaf for 15 minutes?
And think of salsa and creamy jalapeno sauce?
And then drool like a mastiff?
Don't answer that.


Kim said...

grow, little garden, grow.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You ARE my kid brain.

And my old fart brain.

And my sensible shoe brain.

Oh dear, I have no idea where this is going but I'm having trouble stopping....

You had me at salsa.


Bob & Judy said...

It looks like cilantro! Score!

Rachel said...

Like your new header!

Also, so excited to see your garden growing... That's a blessing about living in Haiti- you can grow cilantro in the winter! I'm rooting for that one :)

Best pre workout supplement said...

Nice garden.. I really like it!

LD said...

Creamy jalapeno... now I'm the one drooling. I love love love cilantro and have tried (and failed) multiple times to grow it. Something tells me Haiti is going to be just perfect for it though and I am going to be super jealous.

mandi said...

Nope. Not weird at all. Every evening, when the sun is setting, I go out and visit my garden. I just look. And sometimes talk. But mostly sing.

Beth said...

What is this thing you call "creamy jalapeno dip"? I must know more...

Rooting for your garden.
no pun intended. i'm not that clever.

I am attempting to grow cilantro inside this winter... we shall see.