Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who Knew Turning 35 Could be Fun?

I squeezed Aaron when my birthday weekend was over and said, "You gave me the best gift ever.  You gave me the gift of productivity in a place where that some times feels impossible."    We were both exhausted.  Aaron spent the weekend building some of my favorite projects I had pinned on Pinterest.  We spent two days painting his handiwork.  Three days later, I still have paint splattered on my feet.  If I get the paint thinner out to clean myself up, it will feel like that glorious weekend of productivity and partying will officially be over.  The paint will stay on my feet until new skin cells replace the old ones.  I've decided that's just the way it's going to be.

Barf.  Who talks about skin cells on a blog?  I'm constantly surprised that you people stick around.

When Aaron and the boys told me they hacked my Pinterest account to get some ideas for my birthday, can I admit that my crush on Pinterest reached psychotic levels?  During birthdays and Christmas, can I also confess that there have been many times that I'm opening my gift and think, "For. The. Love.  I really, really need a daughter."  This year I had to admit:  Who needs a daughter when you have Pinterest?  I'm officially putting Pinterest on our family tree.  She is now a person, and I adopted her.  If I start buying her dresses and making her hair appointments then I agree...it's time for me to be committed.

 Pallet coffee table.
Is it just me or does upcycling feel like a joyful, redemptive, spiritual act?  I keep staring at this table, marveling that a few days ago these pallets were junk.  Now my monkey boys are doing puzzles on this pallet-turned coffee table.  We're gathering around our advent candles in the evenings, elbows on this new creation...junk turned into beauty.  Common thread in all of life's story.  Upcycling feels like beauty wins.

pallet coat/bag rack inspired by homedit.com

Aaron had this video cued for me to watch when I woke up..my first gift on my birthday.  
I laughed until I cried.  Then I watched it three more times.  It got more and more funny.

Next it was time to party!  Paige Livesay and I share the same birthday week.  We also share a love for Texas, wide open pastures, Gilmore Girls, bacon, and a hatred for hot dogs.  I love this girl, could not be more proud of her, and am thankful for the influence and impact she has on our kid's lives.  We tease our boys that if they are ever in doubt they can think, "What would Paige do?"  Note to self:  WWPD bracelets would be the perfect stocking stuffers for four little boys we know.

Tara Livesay knows how to par-tay.
She has a gift for making people feel special and loved. 
Birthdays are her thing!  She does them up right.
Thanks for the party, T.  It was the bee's knees.

Just Dance on the Driveway

 In my mind I am Beyonce when I dance.  Until I saw this picture, I didn't think anything could convince me otherwise.

It was a perfect weekend!  And to think 20 years ago, I would have thought by the time I turned 35 I'd be in a nursing home eating mashed potatoes.  I guess I was wrong.


Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

Aw, Happy Birthday! What a truly special weekend you had, your boys were so thoughtful! Beautiful creations, and I agree about turning junk into treasure. May it take weeks for the paint to wear off ;)

mbs said...

Your men are so sweet to you!! I love it (and I think I need one of them for one of my girls :-)

GREAT weekend. And Tara? Nice "white man's overbite" (-:

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy, Happy Birthday.
i think you dance like a rock star : )
That picture must have been a fluke.

mandi said...

ha! I turn 35 on Christmas Eve. I know what you mean about thinking you'd be in a nursing home! I was thinking the other day how when I was like, 13, I was at the mall and I saw this mumu type dress with batik giraffes on it and I thought "that's probably how I'll dress in my 30's". HAHAHA!!! Oh thank You Lord that is not the case!

Happy birthday my friend. All your treasures look fantastic! And I love what you had to say about upcycling. I fully agree! Beauty wins! Love that.

Kim said...

Happy happy birthday! Love the photos, the gifts, the joy. Just lovely all in all. I have to admit that I've been a bit anti-Pinterest lately because it seems a bit too much like high school popularity. "All the cool girls use Pinterest" like "All the cool girls buy their jeans at the Buckle." BUT, if she's your daughter, then I choose to embrace her. Also? How could I NOT want a necklace holder like that?!

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday!!! I don't believe that you are 35!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Welcome to 35, Katie! The water's grand.

And this is my favorite quote of all time, "Upcycling feels like beauty wins."

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday!! I must say that Paige could pass as your sister. I also may have to look into pinterest...those are AMAZING crafts. I would have NEVER thought about upcycling like that. That is so very cool.

Ang said...

I love how Paige's cake has gobs of candles, while yours has two. :) Happy belated birthday to both of you!

Jesse Dukes said...

happy birthday. i accept your friend request as it has been my goal since the vag-wrangling thread on tara's wall. and kismet: as i was reading your comment, i was burping my just-finished dinner which consisted purely of knock off chuy's jalepeno dip. for reals. sealed with a stinky delicious belch. in future news: fire in the hole. but always worth it.

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! More funny that you're signed in under your hub's name.

The. Best.

Raso Bmx said...