Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Saturday morning we found out Esther was in labor. 
We headed up to the Maternity Center for several hours. Esther's water had broken at midnight the night before. She was tired, but her contractions had not yet really kicked in. Melissa and Beth stayed with Esther while Tara and I went home to get ready for the Halloween Party.
Harry Potter

Thing 1

Hayden's friend, Isaac was Thing 2

A real pirate of the Caribbean

 And Dash.  Or he Superman too?  
He was undecided, so he insisted on this superhero medley. 

Aaron and I decided to mock the people we work for.
We're nothing if not dumb bold.
We love Beth and John McHoul.
We could not ask for better leaders.
Aaron and I are blessed to work with them and learn from them.
I got to dress up like a peace lovin', coffee drinking hot babe.
Aaron got to dress up do we describe John?

There are no words.
This picture says it all.
They say imitation is the best form of flattery. 
We imitated them right down to their ink.

 I loved Rick and Cookie's costume.  They were "lame." 
I told you.  That Cookie...she's funny.

Remember Jared, Jalayne, and Miles?
So many of you prayed for their sweet baby.
How cute is this family of supers?

Ryan and Melissa run the Heartline Guest House. 

Becky and Jimmy help us fill our kid's minds with all things smart.

The Livesay Family was hilar.  Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.  Three blind mice, see how they run.  Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandma, and the wolf.  Tara's posture...makes me do the shake laugh.  I have all things inappropriate to say about Troy's costume, but I'll spare the world.  The Livesays won the costume contest.  The prize for best costume?  A package of bacon.  Hope jumped up and down and squealed for a solid minute.  Bacon in Haiti is the rarest of all treats and pleasures.  Only in Haiti would a kid find out they won bacon and respond with a jumping, ecstatic fit.  What weirdos we're all raising!

Our Haitian friends thought Halloween was hilarious.  
It was fun to share this with them.

Since Haitians don't celebrate Halloween, would think it was weird if we knocked on their gates and demanded candy, AND hitting the streets of Port-au-Prince dressed up in weird costumes would be less than smart  the kids trick or treated inside our house.  They knocked on bedroom doors in our house and in the Coblentz's house upstairs.  Friends were waiting behind the doors to hand out candy.

 The post trick or treating candy sorting and swapping.  
This is the most crucial part of Halloween.
After the party it was time to get back to the Maternity Center.  Esther was still putting along.  It was an all night, difficult labor.  A baby boy was finally born this morning at 7:30.  Esther coped extremely well even though she was in a lot of pain and there were many medical interventions needed to deliver her baby safely.  Melissa (visiting midwife) did a fabulous job.  This was definitely one of those births that we know, without a doubt that if Esther had delivered at home like many Haitian women, she would most likely not be alive right now.  If Melissa (nurse-midwife) had not been with us, we would have had to transport Esther to a Haitian hospital.  God provided intimately in all the details for Esther and her baby.  She's still not out of the woods, so your prayers are appreciated.  For now mom and baby are stable and doing well.  They will stay at the maternity center until it's safe to send them home.  What an action packed Halloween we had this year!

Photo booth pictures from the party coming soon! 


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love your use of "hilar"! And I still love that John. I don't know a thing about him, but color me intrigued, especially after seeing Aaron's rendition.


Melda said...

Dear heavenly day.....does anyone really know WHY John makes that face??

And it's catching?

Not a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Many prayer warriors were praying for Esther. Thank you for reporting the birth of her baby boy. Please keep us updated on her health.

Karen in Texas

John said...

I didn't see John in those pictures. I know him well and he certainly is well groomed and his hair is always combed; or at least it was once about 30 years ago.

Trent & Andrea Buck said...

I mean...Trent would probably jump up and down if he won bacon even in the United States. Just sayin'...however, loved that story.

Been thinking of my Hendricks' a lot lately - missing you guys.

Holly said...

Heather I love that you dressed up like Beth! you nailed it!!