Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blast From the Past Halloween


hippy and Joe Dirt

police officer
This was the year Hayden was obsessed with all things prison.
We were a little worried.
 a road
Excuse me while I go lay in my bed and cry.
Where did my baby go?

 Aaron and I had the longest running stand off about who would throw away the pumpkin.
Who would finally look at our elderly looking pumpkin and declare "enough is enough?"
Aaron.  He lost.


 Axel Steele off of Guitar Hero

 someone else off of Guitar Hero

 Clive off of Guitar Hero

The Rock Star's Wife


The Chipmunks
I always say I'm raising The Chipmunks.  Anson is brainy Simon.  Ashton is my sweet child whose love language is cake.  Hayden is...well duh...the loud, crazy, Alvin.

Hudson's first Halloween!

 This is when we were going through our Scrubs phase.
J.D. and Elliot


 American Gothic

 Jeff Corwin


 first Halloween in Haiti

 Hudson was a tad bit excited about his costume

 Phineas and Ferb, a wounded soccer player, and Super Man

I know Halloween can be controversial.  We've always felt freedom in Christ to redeem this day.  We fill it up with friends, creativity, light, laughter, fun, food, and fellowship.  We pray those things are honoring to God and bless Him on this day that thankfully still belongs to Him.

I pray you have a sweet weekend celebrating (or not celebrating), but still rejoicing that Christ purchased freedom for each of us to live out our convictions, to go to the Bible, and with wisdom and discernment make God-honoring decisions for our families.  Ah.  Freedom.  It's one of my favorite things about following Christ.

4 kids + 2 Adults = 6 Halloween Costumes

6 Halloween costumes = lots of work

That moment after you've put a costume on a child, they look into the mirror, smile the most precious smile, their hearts filled up with wonder at becoming an indian, a princess, a pirate, or the character they have always, always wanted to be = PRICELESS


Elizabeth said...

Your costumes are adorable! And I love your perspective on Halloween. For years and years we did not touch it. My husband grew up not celebrating any part of it and he felt very strongly that we just needed to stay away, completely. A couple years ago he let the kids trick or treat for the first time. And seeing their excitement and all the fun they had playing with friends and digging into candy, it just dawned on us that this is a perfect example of Freedom in Christ. Now it's a fun part of every year.

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

Hands down you win the Halloween costume contest EVERY year in my book! How do you do it, Heather? From one who is significantly challenged creatively, I enjoy your ability. I hope you have fun this year. I know it's hard not to trick-or-treat. When we lived in England, no one around us trick-or-treated. We had the kids dress up, elect one kid to be the "homeowner" (in a room with a door), and have the others knock on that door. They loved it. I know you will do even better than that.

Aaron, J.D., Hendrick said...

That Dr. Elliot from 2008 is HOT.

Karla Marsh (and family) said...

Thank you so much for your concise, thoughtful answer as to why your family feels it's okay to enjoy the fun and creativity and laughs that can be had on Halloween while still honoring God and recognizing that "This is the day the Lord has made" . . . every single day! Our kids love dressing up (and mom and dad have been now to join in the fun occasionally!!) We make chilli, have cider, and trick or treat at friends houses . . . it becomes almost like a progressive dinner . . . with sugar at each stop instead of anything healthy what so ever!! Praying for your family in your adventures and enjoy following along as each page turns in your story.

Amanda said...

Um, you guys are the coolest Halloween family ever. I am super impressed!