Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mirlande's Sunday Morning Baby

We welcomed Baby Michele into the world this morning.

From Beth:  "Mirlande hemorrhaged and we are really grateful for life saving drugs.  Too many women here don't have access to a birth center or good care, and they would die in this situation.  Praising God this morning for Mirlande being in our program!"

Thank you for giving to Heartline.  It's difficult for us to think about what would have happened to Mirlande if she had not delivered here.  We love her, and we're incredibly grateful that you all pray and give.


Pamela Nees said...

Precious photo of mama Mirlande and her babe. Glory to God.

Amanda said...

Praise God for the care she received. I hemorrhaged after my second child was born and it was terrifying.

Gail said...

Praise God for a safe delivery and healthy baby for Mirlande! Michele has some gorgeous lips, by the way :-}