Monday, September 19, 2011

Help us Give Life to Women and Babies in Haiti

We are a couple of Ol' Ags who lived in College Station for 14 years. Ten of those years were spent working with students from A&M. 

Recently we moved our family to Haiti.  We work with an organization called Heartline that has been here for the past 22 years.  Our goal:  We labor every day fighting the orphan crisis in this country by empowering Haitian women with the skills they need to keep their babies.  We believe we're tackling this enormous, complex issue of orphan care at the working to keep families together and rehabilitate their lives.

With a little bit of help, we could win a 50 thousand dollar private grant that would allow our program to expand.  All we need is your vote and your assistance spreading the word.    Please take two seconds (that's really all it takes), go to Giving of Life's website, and vote for Heartline.  It takes one click to vote.  Then will you spread the word and ask others to vote as well?


Heartline offers safe births, prenatal care, health teachings, and child development classes to women who would not have access to any of these basic services.  We also provide literacy classes, and sewing and cooking schools.  We have a teen mom house where young women live for two years, getting an education, studying a trade, and learning how to be attentive, loving mothers.  Our desire is to offer the women of Haiti respect, dignity, education, and hope.  Our heart for Haiti's babies is to keep them in the arms of their mothers if that is at all possible.  We are finding it is possible.  We are finding that the orphan crisis in Haiti is not because Haitian mothers do not want to parent their children.  The orphan crises is multifaceted, but one of the main reasons there are so many orphans in Haiti is because mothers in this country do not have the means or skills they need to provide for their children.  In desperation, they place their children in orphanages that seem to promise a better future than they can provide for their child.  Haitian women are strong, beautiful mothers.  They simply need life-changing information, job skills, safe births, encouragement, and support.  With those tools, we have seen women fight for their kids, sacrifice for them, and love those children deeply.

If we win this grant the money will go towards building a maternity center where we can increase the amount of women we can care for during their pregnancies and deliveries.  Maternal mortality and infant mortality rates in Haiti are unbelievably high.  This maternity center will mean life for women and children. Every day women and children die needlessly in this country.  We believe that with you standing with us more babies, more women, and ultimately families can be impacted.

When you vote for Heartline you vote for life.  You vote for hope.  You vote for families.  You vote for protecting the vulnerable.  You vote for the least of these.

Heartline is a reputable, registered, non-profit organization in Haiti.

Thanks to so many others voting for Heartline, we are currently in fourth place at Giving of Life.  We know with you standing with us, voting, and telling others about this grant opportunity we can give women, children, and families in Haiti a fighting chance.

Will you vote?  Will you spread the word?


-- Aaron and Heather Hendrick

To vote for Heartline, visit the Giving of Life Website.


1.  You can vote once from every computer, phone, ipad, or any device that gives you access to the internet.

2.  You can get four more votes if you register with Giving of Life.  They only ask you for three pieces of information when you register.  I have never received one email from Giving of Life.  I've asked around and no one else has gotten junk mail from them either.

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Britt said...

Voted and blogged!

I love Heartline's ministry and the work that you guys do. Happy to help, even if it is just in a small way!

Bob & Judy said...

You can also get an extra vote by registering your Twitter user name. Did it.

mandi said...

Well, I'm not an Aggie. But I guess I'll vote too and try not to be offended that you didn't even think to include the Red Raiders. Sheesh!!!

(just kidding. i don't ever think about the red raiders either...)

Oh- I'll put it on the blog too! Smart thinking Britt!

ManyBlessings said...

Voted and blogged. :)

Lori Craig said...

Here's another vote from a Red Raider family. May He continue to bless your ministry.

Meagan said...

Okay, Aggie i am not, but...I voted, registered, voted some more, facebooked it, and my friends are votin' it up, too. I can't wait to see this maternity center up and running. I want to come work there!!!

Sarah said...

I'm not an Aggie, but I voted, facebooked about this and shared it with every Aggie I know. I hope and pray y'all win! Do you know how close you are?