Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh How I Have Missed Them!

Today was my first day back at Child Development Classes.  I left the house excited to see the familiar faces.  So many of these ladies had their babies while I was gone.  They are no longer coming on Thursdays for prenatals.  Now they come on Tuesdays with their babies for child development classes.

I turned on the road where our Maternity Center is located.  As soon as I did I saw Djenie.  She started jumping up and down in the road.  I was squealing inside the truck.  I got the window down.  She practically crawled in the window to kiss my face.  Haitians know how to greet a person.  Moments later five other women in our program were running over to the truck with their babies on their hips.  They stood at my window.  I told them I missed them so much.  They asked about my family.  The boys?  And your husband?  They said I had been gone too long.

Do you think heaven will be like that one day?  That indescribable excitement, the joy of seeing faces that have been removed for too long, the deep down satisfaction of holding a familiar hand, of squeezing the people we love?  The squeals?  The "Let me look at you."  Holding a loved-one's face in your hands.  Kissing their cheeks.  Marveling at the baby you have yet to see.  Saying "I missed you" over and over again.  You can't say it enough.

I invited all those ladies to pile in the truck.  We drove down the bumpy road to the Maternity Center.  Baby Kenny in my lap helping me drive.  A grown woman sitting in Hudson's empty car seat holding her baby in her lap.  Everyone talking.  Laughing.  The ladies in the car saying "Ed-uh."  I have missed my Haitian name.  H's are sort of an ignored letter in Haiti.  Funny for a country whose name starts with an H.  Haitians call "Haiti" "Ayiti".  The H gets the shaft.  It does in my name too.  Oh and "th" is not a sound Haitians use in any words.  So what does that leave when your name is Heather?  "Ed-uh"  Yes.  That's me.  Nice to meet you.

I love these strong, courageous women.  They are inspiring, and I truly believe God is near them.  So near.

Please continue to pray for Adeline and baby Kathryn.  So far, the situation has not improved.  We continue to pray and ask God for a miracle and for milk.  We ask for God's mercy on this mother, this baby, and their entire family.  Successful breastfeeding does not just affect mom and baby.  It affects an entire household.  If God does not make a way for breastfeeding to be successful, it will negatively affect everyone in the home as they struggle to find the money to afford formula, a way to sterilize bottles in a less than sterile country, and buy the clean water they will need to keep this child alive.  We plan on driving God crazy with our requests for milk for Adeline.  Thanks for praying with us.


Anonymous said...

Praying for that mama and baby! What a joyful reunion and beautiful photos. That last baby just makes me wanna give her a big ol kiss on those chubby cheeks!

Sarah said...

LOVE this! :) So glad you are back there..and writing about it! So glad to hear that Djenie was there <3

Amanda said...

Praying for that milk to flow like a waterfall!

I think God does give us beautiful moments filled with joy so we get glimpses of what Heaven will be like, then he says multiply that by even more. :)

Marci said...

Love love love seeing those chubby beautiful babies with mama with big chests! That is beyond beautiful and good! I love what you do!

Gail said...

I'm praying for Adeline and baby Kathryn. I've been in that position of breastfeeding not going well, although in a country where formula was an easy substitute when all my efforts failed. I'm praying for perseverance for Adeline and a good latch for Kathryn!

Sharon Wheeless said...

Look at those chubby little brown babies! So cute and healthy looking. Good job mamas!

mandi said...

Oh I've missed all of these beautiful faces on your blog. Everyone looks so good! What a welcome you received. I am so happy for that!
I am praying for Adeline and Kathryn. Praying that the God who made manna fall from the sky will work to make this mama produce the milk her baby needs. Praying for a good latch and for a thriving baby.