Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need a Place to Stay in Haiti?

This entire post was stolen word for word from Tara's blog.  
I'm too sweaty and Hudson is too Hudson this morning to string together an original thought.

Need a place to stay in Port au Prince?   Know someone that does?

A perfect location, open to the public, please check this out:

Meet our new guesthouse managers, Ryan and Melissa.

Staying at the Heartline Guesthouse offers you a safe, clean, convenient place to rest your head  - and it helps to fund the work of the Heartline Women's Programs  - serving moms and children in the Tabarre area.

It is a win - win !


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Yes, please.

And I'll continue to think Hudson is the cutest, charmingest thing on the planet if you'll do the same for Siley...


Bob & Judy said...

He's missing his Grandma. That must be the problem, don't ya think?

His Grandma is missing him. And the rest of 'em!