Monday, August 29, 2011

Epic Update


The Heartline MK's start school one week from today.  Although there is still work to be done on the building, it's encouraging to see it all coming together.  With hard work this week a spectacular beginning of school seems completely doable.  We're extremely thankful for this beautiful building that was donated to Heartline (you know who you are, and we love you).  This week the finishing touches will be completed, flowers planted, and the rooms decorated.  We are all getting very, very excited.

Anson is probably deciding what order he is going to read these books in this year.  He is our book-loving child.  He never leaves home without one.  Either he can be frustrated that one simple errand means he's in the car with his parents for half the day, or he can decide to be a voracious reader.  We're glad he chose the latter and jumps into far away worlds while we're all sitting still in slug-pace traffic.  Now to convince the other three kids...and their mother to take up reading in the car instead of whining. 

 The kids checking out their piles of curriculum and supplies.

 Hudson playing with scissors.  Of course.

I heard Tara laughing her crazy person laugh in the bathroom.  With births, drama, and what's going on with baby Miles, we're all sleep deprived and stressed.  I walked into the bathroom and Tara says, "This cracks me up."  I looked to see what was so funny.  We stood there and laughed.  Maybe you had to be there.  The fact that the bathroom sign had been hung on the door or that we even had one for the school was slap your leg funny when you desperately need sleep, have a mountain of stress sitting in your lap, and it feels like nothing is going the way it should.  Have no fear.  When all of life seems to be falling apart, we can always say our bathroom in the school is professionally labeled.

{Baby Miles}

Last night Miles was moved to a different "hospital" in Haiti.  He's under the care of American doctors at this point.  I was with Jared, Jalayne, and Miles last night at the new location, and they seemed a lot less stressed to be surrounded by people who speak their language and keep them informed.  I just talked to Jalayne on the phone to see how things are going today and to ask her how to update those of you who are emailing and asking how to pray.  She says Miles looks so much better today.  He is finally hydrated.  There is still some issues with his urine, and we can pray that God continues to heal whatever is going on in that department.  He has not run fever today.  Overall, Jalayne wants everyone to know how much your prayers have meant to them, and that today is a day to praise God for what He is doing in their baby's body.  They feel hopeful this afternoon.  Please pray that God continues to strengthen and heal Miles. He is a tad bit jaundiced.  They are still working on getting him to the US as soon as they can.  Please continue to pray that both governments involved would process the paperwork promptly.

This couple has suffered through this beautifully.  We're all so proud of them.  Miles could not ask for better parents to love and advocate for him.  With very little sleep, in a country that is not their own, where Haitian nurses tell you to "stop crying" and "don't lay your baby down after you feed him or he will choke", Jared and Jalayne have handled this entire situation with an incredible amount of grace and trust in the Lord.

{Adeline and Baby Kathryn}

After several days of furious pumping, Adeline finally got colostrum and then milk.  This is the strangest breastfeeding situation I have ever seen.  I'm still not sure how a woman could have no milk...not one drop of colostrum or milk after giving birth to a baby.  Low milk supply?  Sure.  There are several reasons for that.  No milk?  Very strange.  Thankfully Adeline is a trooper.  She's an amazing mother who finds electricity every day to pump multiple times a day to try and get milk and then to try and increase her supply.  She's amazing.  Starting tomorrow we are going to work towards getting her baby to the breast and moving towards breastfeeding exclusively.  Please pray this transition goes well.  We feel confident, after a week of constant pumping that Adeline has enough milk to keep her baby healthy and content.  We're overjoyed for what this means for Adeline, baby Kathryn, and their entire family.  Breastfeeding saves lives in this country.  God has been gracious.

This week has been full of unexpected surprises and a great deal of stress.  In the madness, there was one overwhelming theme.  The love that God has given mothers for their children is magnificent.  This week I saw a momma holding her sweet daughter who was laboring at the maternity center.  She was worried.  She wanted to take the pain from her baby.  She was ready to fight for her daughter.  I've seen a mom defy her culture, choose to do whatever it takes to make breastfeeding a reality for her baby, lose sleep, work hard to build her milk supply for her baby girl.  I've seen a tired, exhausted mom cling to Jesus, begging Him to heal her son, grasping for faith, advocating for her baby in a place that's confusing and where not many people can be trusted.

These women have lost sleep.  They have worried.  They have prayed.  They have lost it.  They have had strength that only comes from heaven. They have fought.  They have worked.  They have given it all.  Every ounce of energy in their bodies.  All for their babies.

In the midst of all the madness this week, I was overcome many, many times with awe at the love God weaves into a woman.  Sometimes that love is beautiful.  Other times that love makes a mamma wild and crazy with passion.  But all of it is love.  Out of control, raging, tender, never-ending love. These babies this week have been adored with a love that comes straight from their creator as their mothers have sacrificed and given every last piece of themselves to nurture and support their babies.


Diane said...

Thank you for your posts about Miles. I keep checking for news that the Lord is glorified!!!! I pray that Miles will hear this story and marvel at how much the Lord loves him and has chosen life for His glory......amazing!

Pamela Nees said...

I so appreciate your updates on the Hatian moms & babies and on Jared & Jalayne's baby, Miles.

May God continue to be glorified in all of your lives as you live out the Gospel in Haiti.

Keeping you all in my prayers (Anson is so dear to my heart...I was always the "book person" in my family)...loving you all in Jesus.

Gail said...

Adeline is my hero!! I'm in awe of her perseverance. I'm still praying for baby Kathryn that she will be able to make the switch to breastfeeding smoothly. I'm also glad to hear that baby Miles is doing better.

Anonymous said...

i have so been praying and am so grateful for this answer to prayer with Adeline! So grateful! And am confident baby Miles will continue to improve. I pray for you guys daily and am always so blessed by your blog and the mere fact that you are honest, struggling, and faithful. Will continue to pray.

Rachel said...

Excellent update, Heather. Thank you!

Katherine said...

You know, I've been thinking about the electric breast pump thing, and even though I worked full time with my first daughter and will soon be back to work after having another, and I infinitely prefer the Medela Harmony manual pump to the Pump in Style double electric pump I have. I like it because it's quieter, more comfortable, doesn't use electricity, and actually expresses milk faster. Plus they are waaay cheaper. Would they be a good option for Haitian moms who don't always have ready access to electricity?