Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burlap Stockings

I got this idea from hgtv, and then realized my sister-in-law is friends
with the lady who designed this stocking for the article.  Small world.

I recently scored 20-30, giant, authentic burlap bags at a garages sale for $1.  $1 for all of them.  Not $1 each.  When the lady told me the price, I was thankful I have such a great poker face was too caffeine deprived for my face to react quickly.  $1 for all of them?  Are you kidding?  Burlap is totally bangin' these days.  I don't know what this lady was thinking but I quickly paid my dollar, grabbed the bags, and ran for my life (it took two trips to get them all to the truck).

One of the things I've been trying to do while I'm here in the States is look for lots of cool ideas the talented sewing ladies at Heartline can reproduce.  I have no idea if we'll end up selling any of the items I've been playing around with through the Haitian Creations website, but it's been fun to try out new ideas with fabric...particularly burlap.  Once I made one stocking, I became obsessed with creating an entire stocking for each of us.

This one was made out of burlap and a tea towel.

Four down, two to go.

Will you do me a favor?  If you have a very favorite purse or that you adore and wish you had 14 more of the same kind, will you leave a link to it?

If you have any ideas for creative projects that use scrap fabric, will you post a link to those as well?


nora said...

First off, I'll take five. Like right now! Really great and exactly what I have been looking for.



Both out of scraps - although much more scrappy would be better in my opinion.


Hendrick Family said...

I love those links! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you!

Sara said...

What about Coffee Cozies? You'd have to have the right interfacing, but they take a small amount of fabric. Email me if you want more details on how to make them.

Katie said...

Heather, I just got a Pottery Barn catalogue this past week and it had four or five different items in it made of burlap!

Katherine said...

I'm creatively challenged, but I would totally buy those burlap stockings. Love them!

Tamara B said...

love the stockings!

Zoanna said...

I really like those, Heather! I bet you could make and sell them fast. I particularly like the monogrammed ones.

Emily said...

I know this isn't exactly what you meant, but I'm intrigued by this idea of turning t-shirts into bags:

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Loooooovvvveee the stockings! I need four!!! I wrote a long blog post two years ago about the agony of selecting Christmas stockings. I won't bore with the details, but I didn't know stockings were such a big deal to my husband until we had our first child. Loving these posts you're writing.

Caitlin said...

Those are cute! And a major steal. The coffee shop I used to work at sells theirs for $5 each!

My first thought was braided bracelets!

Anonymous said...

Dunn Bros Coffee gives away their extra (empty) coffee burlap bags for free--all you gotta do is ask!

OK, I should clarify: they gave me free bags a few years ago... I haven't checked lately.

sbmeeks said...

So pinterest has a ton of good ideas. Its my virtual design board/inspiration :)

Here are a couple scrap fabric ideas!

Tons more where that came from!
Oh, and Love those stockings :)

Rachel said...

Here's a kid's hat idea that I saw last year.


Julie said...

For scrap fabric, nursing necklaces? Like this:
Or this:

Wallets or coupon holders? Knitting needle cases?

My favorite purse was about 6x9", messenger-bag-type flap over the top, two equal pockets on the inside, buttons to hold the flap closed, and a shoulder strap. I lost it and miss it very much.

Meg said...

those stockings are SO.MUCH.FUN!

kae1crafts said...

Those stockings should be a great seller if you can get enough burlap bags in Haiti.

Hugs and prayers that you discover more patterns that help the Haitians become more independant.


Hendrick Family said...

Thanks Kae,

The ladies at Haitian Creations are already such talented seamstresses, and we can get burlap in country. I'm so proud of how independent they already are. Haitian women awe me every single time.


mandi said...

LOVE these!

Jenni said...

I don't have a link but I do have an idea. A few months ago I was walking around Charming Charlie and couldn't help but think how easy it would be for Haitian women to make many of the accessories that are popular right now, like scarves and headband/flower things. The vintage trend that is going on means you can use all kinds of mismatched fabrics scraps to make such items.

If you have a chance, go walk around Charming Charlie for a bit and you will get inspired for sure!

pamk said...

Love my RealPurse! The idea is probably patented, but you could look at them and possibly use a similar idea with the top sides of the purse slipped through two holes in long pieces of wood at the top and sewn, and the handle of the purse slipped through two other holes in the wood, also, and tied. They close by pulling the handle tight, and they are impossible for "pocket pickers" to get into. They have lots of compartments sewn into the lining, so they hold a LOT, in an organized way.

Melda said...

Not sure if someone already mentioned fabric postcards. I don't know about anywhere else in the good 'ole U. S. of A. but they were the rage in San Diego last summer.

Melda said...

PS.........because I always have "one more thing" to say.

I got my stock of Apparent Project necklaces / bracelets.

My party is coming up! SO excited!
Are you up for more boxes, or are you good to go??

Emily and Justin said...

I want four of the stockings too! Love them! Such a cute idea!

BeeSwanky said...

I totally adore these and know my customers would too. I would order a couple of dozen of them to sell for the holidays. Amy B Bloom & Bee Swanky - Waco, Texas