Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Your feet will be so pretty!  Bekah, please email Cameron (cameron.crake@gmail.com) and let her know your shoe size, strap selection, and shipping information.

I want to extend a special thanks to Sseko for giving away a free pair of shoes on this here blog.

I also want to thank each of you for the way you spread the word last week about this amazing company.

I can't tell you how helpful it is to companies like Sseko when regular people like us share the story behind these kinds of companies.

Businesses trying to care for their employees and make products in a responsible way pay their employees more.  That's the bottom line.  Which means, the owners take home less money.  There isn't as big of a discrepency between the higher ups in the company and the ones making the products.  Which also means, there's not as much money available to spend on things like fancy advertising.

Want to make a difference in the life of the poor across the world?  Shop at places like Sseko, but also spread the word.  Do some of the advertising for companies like these.  It's that simple.

{{In Love with Sseko?  Proud of What They are Doing?}}

Want another chance to win a free pair of shoes?  Sseko is celebrating their second birthday with style.  Head on over to their "party in a box" section of their blog.

Any party orders placed before August 8th will land YOU, the host, a free pair of sandals and straps! You just have to reserve your party date, not actually host your party before August 8th.

Another way to help is to place a blog button on....you guessed it....your blog!
Simply right click on the image above.
Save it.
 Go into your dashboard on your blog.
Add it as a picture in your side bar.
Easy peasy.  

Since I'm an obnoxious fan of Sseko and the ladies behind this company, I feel the need to say this:  I do not get anything for talking about Sseko on my blog.  I bought a pair of Ssekos with my own mulah last year.  I am obnoxious for free.  This company makes me insanely proud.  Who wouldn't want to tell everybody they know about something so beautiful and hopeful?


Lauren said...

My Sseko blog button isn't blinky like that one! How do I fix it?

Hendrick Family said...

Dang. Mine isn't blinky either.

I'll ask Aaron to give us a tutorial.


Melda said...

Random.........cause that's how I roll.
Did you ever hear back from Tom's about Hudson's little shoes you bought on the sidewalk, er, street corner?
Just curious.......Thornton's did a day without shoes this year and wanted to try and make it a school event next year.
Again, that was random and has nothing to do with anything.
Cause, I'm ADD like that.