Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When a Pin Comes to Life

Once upon a time I lived in this house.  
I had nine brown frames on the wall of my bathroom.
Nine frames of my adorable children in that claw-foot tub you see right there.

Remember my Pinterest inspiration picture for the boy's wall in Haiti?

Today I took those nine brown frames, stared long and hard at my babies in those photos, then lovingly removed those pictures and gently touched their paper-little-kid faces.
I sat and sighed.
Where does the time go?

Oh yes.  This post.  Sorry.

Not everyone wants to sit there for awhile, in that same spot, and sigh again?  And again.
And then maybe go look at those photos one more time?

Well okay.

I took those nine brown frames, painted them gray, then used free vintage nature images from Graphics Fairy (my sister-in-law, Lynsey shared this treasure trove with me) to make the focal point of the boy's room!  I stole the card-stock from that same, kick-butt sister-in-law of mine, and I had to call Kirby in the middle of the magic for a few pointers and opinions.  It takes a village I guess to decorate my house.  Look at me throwing down words like, "focal point" like I know somethin'.

All it cost me was the can of spray paint.
I thought the boys would not care about this art project today.
I was wrong.
They were all up in my business.
They oohed and aahed over every picture.
And we all enjoyed the smell of the spray paint a little too much.
Don't tell anyone.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

You mean bidness.

I'm way impressed.


Bob & Judy said...


Mrs. H. said...

Love it. :-)

Heather Diaz said...

Thanks, this is just the inspiration I needed!! Love it!

kae1crafts said...

Perfect for a boys room. Go You!

Hugs, happy planning and decorating.


mbs said...

You are incredible!! I wish I could do something like that. You should see the disgraces my girls call bedrooms.

Wanna come help me? I lack that genetic material in my DNA ;)

Melissa said...

I totally just went to that website and downloaded about half a dozen prints to go in my new house.