Friday, June 17, 2011

UnFather's Day and Our Family's First Hip-Hop Video

Silly chicken.  Ran right into the fence.

That man is handsome, but turkeys are ugly.  The end.

Some times I like to sit and watch the mama pigs with their babies.  Mostly I think about things like motherhood, breastfeeding, and how there is this special place in my heart for mamas. Watching a mama with her baby.  Is there anything sweeter?

Sometimes I simply think, "I'm really glad I only have two of those."
 Well, you asked what I was thinking.
Oh?  You didn't?

Do you ever sit and think a thought and that thought starts to pour right into your chest and it feels like your chest might explode because one heart isn't big enough to hold a thought so lovely and grand?
I thought a thought like that the other day watching Aaron working in the hot, hot sun while the boys and I sat on the front porch laughing, eating frozen, refreshing grapesicles.  Husband hot and sweaty, working hard, looking up at the porch-full of laughing lazies and smiling.  Joy in his work.  Joy that we are his and he is ours.  This thought started out as a trickle then turned into a gush that not only felt like it was filling up my lungs but my eyes as well. 

What a gift to live in this country where women and children have rights, have access to health care, are valued, and loved.

What a bigger gift to be married to a man who values what I say, who cares for the deepest parts of me, the dark parts, the nice parts, the quirky parts, and the down-right crazy parts, while affectionately tending to our nest of children right alongside me.  He intimately and tenderly cares for each of us.

That's unheard of in most of the world where honor killings, female circumcision, and sexual crimes against women are considered the norm.  How can God's obvious grace towards me, and what seems like His lack of it towards the majority of women in the world simultaneously fill my heart with tearful thanksgiving and unbearable grief all in the same moment?  These emotions are a mystery to me.

Aaron's love for us is grace.  We won the lottery for husband. We won the lottery for dad.  We won the lottery for our zipcode.  And we didn't even buy the lottery ticket.  That too was given to us. 

This weekend is not Father's Day for Aaron.  Remember how we traded holidays?  But maybe there should be more than one Father's Day because we're more-than-one-day's-worth of thankful for the gift of a dad and husband God has given us.

Want to know Aaron's latest investment of love for our crew?  It started a week ago when I randomly said, "I want to do something fun for the Livesays.  The boys miss them so much.  And so do I." I'm a self-proclaimed dreamer, so thoughts like those usually come out of my mouth and then immediately hit the ground.  I said something like, "Let's write a song and learn a dance for them!"  That would have been the best idea in the world that would have never happened if it was up to me alone.  Thankfully, while I'm busy thinking and dreaming, Aaron is busy doing.  Writing.  Filming.  Editing.  Making us do the "Just Dance" version of this song 32 times in one evening.  All that after a long, hard, hot day of work on the farm.

Check out the Hendrick Family's first (and I'll just say it...hopefully the last) music video over at Tara's blog.  Our boys think they are one step away from being discovered by the Disney Channel.  If the video on Youtube has been watched 40 times, 30 of those were our kids.  Can your biggest fan be yourself?

Happy NonFather's Day to the man who loves us enough to dance with us.  Aaron hates dancing* so It's official.  This house full of lunatics mean the absolute world to him (and I guess the Livesays do too!)

*Not hates it in the Baptist, "I'm against it" kind of way.  Hates it in that he'd like to leave that shakin what your momma made ya stuff to Beyonce.


Wandering On Purpose said...

Loved this post so much - from the "I'm glad I only have two of those" to the Baptist/Beyonce dancing explanation.

SarahBeth said...

I have a very good friend who has coined a phrase for that feeling when you have a thought that wells up inside and wants to burst out that you were describing. She calls it a "burst of love". Now our whole church shares "bursts of love" and we all know what the other is talking about. It's just the best way to describe that feeling! Feel free to steal it. I'm sure she would love knowing that she shared. :-)

hodgesgal said...

that video was hysterical!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

mandi said...

Heather! That video was amazing! I'm so glad you got to get your giant fan in!