Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nature Room for the Middles

My friend, Kirby sent me this picture when she heard I was going to try and redo the boy's room in Haiti.  My insides clapped.  A wall of vintage entomology prints?  Yes.  This is them.  Our "middles" will share a room.  They are self-declared nature lovers.  Their bedding in their room is already tan.  My plan:  a room full of nature treasures.  Lots of jars displaying their collection of everything weirdly natural.  Maps.  Nets.  Binoculars.  Magnifying glasses. A beekeeper's hat.  Local plants from Haiti.

Below are some of the pictures I've "pinned" on Pinterest to inspire my mind and ignite creativity.  What fun.  I'm going to try to recreate these images in their bedroom by using re-purposed materials, natural elements, and garage sale/thrift store finds.  I'm also going to beg Aaron's mom to help me with some projects when I see her in a few weeks.  She's just now hearing about that right now.  Hi Judy!  I need your artistic skills!

Lots of frog and insect art and entomology note cards hung on inexpensive IKEA "clotheslines."

Surely I can find a giant bee picture at a garage sale.  Surely.  Ever the optimist!


Pillow from this Etsy boutique

Idea from this Etsy Shop.

Don't you wish that "pinning" something to Pinterest made things magically appear?  I'll admit...I stayed up really, really late on Sunday night pinning my life away, then woke up Monday morning feeling like I'd worked incredibly hard the night before.  Whew!  What a night!  Then it hit me.  I still had to actually do something to make the images that inspired me come to life.  Aaahhh.  Dang.
This is all we've done so far in real life.  Locust shells and cow teeth in glass jars.
We'll fill the jars up this summer.  Every morning the boys hunt for discarded locust skins. 
They are searching high and low for an empty bird nest as I write this post.
This is working out nicely for me.  The kids are decorating their own room.  

How fun will it be to have pieces of this farm, our favorite place on earth, in the boy's room in Haiti?

Ew.  This is disgusting.  Which means:  It's perfect for my two nature lovers.

Yesterday I walked outside, saw a butterfly.  A real one.  Flying.  My brain immediately tried to "pin it."  I'm sure that means something awfully weird.  I also saw eye makeup on a girl at a resale shop the other day and mentally "pinned" her face.  While looking at this perfect stranger checking me out at the thrift store I not only pinned her face, I also created a brand new "board"... "Bangin' Lids."  All before she handed me my change.  A tad bit neurotic?  I think so.


Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

Heather, I wasn't sure what to comment on your previous post because I'm not sure if my thoughts are biblical or not, but lots of thoughts come to mind. #1 Prov 31 woman. You are working hard to do things for your family. That's the right thing to do! You are being frugal and trying most of all to advance God's kingdom. That is GREAT! #2 God put dreams in your heart to have a house that makes people feel welcome. Hospitality - you already touched on that....that's biblical! If God put the dream there, you can't help enjoying it/thinking about it. #3 (and this is the big one), your son's future wives will THANK YOU and LOVE YOU!

Your ideas show a lot of love for your boys.

The post today is GREAT! WONDERFUL ideas! Keep working! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

We have a great Entomology department at South Dakota State University. My friend and her husband just got back from a sabbatical in Columbia with their 2 young children a few weeks ago. I will touch base with them and see if they have any posters etc, laying around the dept. they can donate to the cause.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh wow Carol! Thanks!

Karen said...

I found the cutest little birdnest beside my porch. You need this!!!

Elijah said...

"Pinning" in real life? You are not alone :)

nichole said...

there is an app. for your iphone where you can take pictures of said eye lids and pin it to your board. just sayn' :)

Sandee said...

I love this. I also love Susan's comments. You have inspired me to work on my boys room. About a year ago, after reading Radical, I felt so guilty over every cent I spent on something not totally necessary for survival...So I understand that angst. I am now seeing a balance in all things, order out of chaos, and nuturing my kids with structure, beauty and organization are pleasing to God as well.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I am determined to help. But how? That is the question.


(ha ha! I'm leaving it.)

Kirby said...

Hmmm...we have a jar full of those "shells" from those nasty bugs that Asher has been collecting for almost a year. It always makes me think of your boys...the middles of course when I he adds another one to the collection.