Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hotel Rules

I vividly remember
My brother
Two small, panting kids
In a high rise hotel room
wildly jumping from bed to bed

free to bounce
hair reaching for the sky
like hands on a roller coaster

Breathlessly lunging
from one bed to the other
laughing, squealing
getting braver
I imagined with wonder
what it would be like
to jump clear across the bed
right out the wall of a window

Joy rising
permitted to do the forbidden
falling on the rented bed
and in love with this fascinating place
where the rules are tossed on the floor
like the white, giant towels

I vowed right then and there

Hotel beds would always be made for mayhem and jumping.


Sandy said...

Too funny. My girls and I were out of town for a funeral and stayed in a hotel on Friday night. Jumping on the bed was the first thing they did. Unbelievable joy!! THEN...the hotel had ROBES. More unbelievable joy. THEN...seeing the nightline sky from the 15th floor. Joy, joy, joy. Of course they wanted to drink the $5.oo bottle of water, so the joy came to a screeching halt. :-)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hizzle - I LIVED in a hotel room for 6 months! My brother and sister and I had one room (2 beds) with an adjoining room for my parents. We spent hours jumping bed-to-bed, and yes, there was the occasional wall collision now and again.


mandi said...

Mmm-hmm...we share the same philosophy here! When we were in Lubbock earlier this month I got a call from the front desk. "someone" had complained about a noise that sounded like jumping. I told him that the mysterious jumping sound was probably coming from the all the jumping. Mystery solved!

kfsullivan said...

I am constantly impressed with how very well you write. Sometimes the story you share overwhelms my sensitivities and I don't realize how beautifully it was rendered.

But, for the record, you are one of my favorite writers as well as reporters. Thank you for being both.