Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Your Grapes On!

My friend Shauna posted these grapesicles yesterday on Pinterest.
I saw this idea and declared, "I'm doing this right this very second."
Don't you have things that hit you that way sometimes?
One second you're fine.
The next second you think you might die if you don't make grapesicles.
I'm sure they make medication for this.
I showed the grapesicle picture to the boys and they kindly fed my insanity.
They enable me that way.  I'm thankful.
"Yes! Let's do that mom.  Now!  Yes!"
Aren't they lovely kids?

They got to work stabbing grapes with a sharp object.
Stabbing is a boy's love language.
Then we stuck those grape-loaded spears in the freezer.
After dinner it was still 158 degrees outside, so these frozen fruit sticks were such a treat.

Don't forget to snip the sharp ends off the sticks before giving these grape-kebabs to your babies.  You want them to have a snack, not lose an eye.

This picture has nothing to do with grapesicles, but everything to do with how adorable my hat-wearing, freckled-cheeked child is.  Swoon.


abby said...

I love frozen grapes, but have never thought of putting them on a stick! I have enjoyed following your life journey...but not in a creepy way. :)

Megan said...

Ashton's perfectly patterned "ice-kabob" reminds me of his matchbox cars lined up back in the day.. :) Love those sweet boys!! And I will most definitely be making these soon!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I really want every single post for the rest of your hiatus to somehow include the word Pinterest. Please?

And your boys have me convinced that maybe my kids will be as excited about this one as I am. Or maybe your boys are just nicer.


Kirby said...


Dannah said...

Yep...getting out my bowl of grapes and skewers for my girls now! They can stab grapes while I boil the mess out of peaches! Girl, I love you. How is that I can feel a kindred spirit with a girl I have literally spent less than one minute with?

Anonymous said...

OK, just so everyone knows it was my moms' idea to do the intena-thingy not mine


Mrs. H. said...

We loved this at our house! Thanks Heather!

John & Perla said...

It's called impulse. The medication for it called self-control. I used to be the same way. That's why merchandisers place all those silly little things at the check-out counter, right?

We are definitely going to do those grapecicles, just not right now.

Oh, procrastination! The other end of the spectrum. Same medication though.

Come back to Haiti already. You're missed here!