Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caring for the Orphan...

Tara wrote an incredible post that we believe is a must-read for everyone struggling with how to best care for the orphan.  I can't encourage you enough to read it.

A Boat That Needs Rocking. 


Wandering On Purpose said...

Thank you for posting. Every day, more and more, God is tugging at my heart - I know He wants me to do something - I just don't know exactly what yet.

mandi said...

Fine. I'll go read it. First you forced me to go to pinterest, now this? Oh, and don't even get me started on grape-cicles.

; )

mandi said...

Ok- I'm back. Wow- that was a great post. This line:
"A poor family doesn't necessarily equal an unfit family after all."
This is what really drew us to the adoption agency we are working with. They are invested in the lives of the birth mothers. we don't have to worry that the mother was coerced by a case worker. We know that she has been held, prayed over and loved on. This is of the utmost importance to us.