Monday, May 16, 2011

School Ending and Beginnings

The kids have loved their teachers this year.  Tomorrow they will say good-bye to them.  Ashton wrote Mrs. Jean-Charles a card this evening that says, "I love you so much I wish I could stay in first grade forever."  I wish Ashton could stay in first grade forever too.

It will be a bitter-sweet day for the boys.  They are so ready for summer and ready to see their cousins and friends in Texas, but they love their teachers and are dreading not getting to see the Livesay kids and other friends for the next few months.  Aaron and I totally get what they are feeling.  Bitter-sweet.  Life in two worlds.  It affects the youngest to the oldest in this house.

In other school news....

Tara posted a picture of the school that's being built for seven of the most funtastical kids on this planet.  Check it out!

We hope to have teachers hired in a few short weeks and then begin picking curriculum and mapping out the school year.  The kids have enjoyed going to "real school" this year, but I must admit...I love the idea of homeschooling again.  And so do the kids.

I know "education" can be a controversial, hot topic.  You know how some families are margarine families and some families are butter families?  Some are whole milk families and some are 2% families?  Well, now that we've spent a year doing school in a more conventional way, we have come to the conclusion that we're a home-school kind of crew.  It fits our family better.  It's more "us." That's just it, and we're cool with that.  The kids enjoyed school this year and we could not be more thankful for how their teachers loved and taught them, but we're looking forward to going back to homeschooling.  And we like whole milk.  And butter.  Real butter.

The teacher geek in me is ready to make plans, buy books, and brainstorm with the teachers we will hire.  We were blown away by how many quality, gifted, (perhaps overly qualified) teachers applied for the teaching positions.  I find myself daydreaming about next year's school year and it's not even summer yet.

I leave you with some of my favorite homeschool pictures from past years.  These were fun to look through tonight.  Made me nice and nostalgic.  I'll probably cry myself to sleep thinking about how fast time flies and how quickly babies grow up and turn into sixth graders.  Aaron just loves it when I look through old pictures.  Loves it.

The Hendrick brothers wrapped Hayden in toilet paper when we 
were studying Ancient Egypt and mummification.

 Then they buried him with all of his favorite earthly items.

 Astronomy with daddy and Uncle Jason

 researching Native Americans

Language arts, home-school style

Don't forget to check out the picture of our building being put up on Heartline's new land and read the school update that Tara wrote.  You can find it all here.


Sara said...

Oh my word, the last picture has me rolling! I wish I could meet you in real life...I think we'd be pals. And your boys should be taught the term "Droppin' the kids off at the pool". It's a favorite at our house :)

Arvil's Wife said...

I have 5 boys. I will be homeschooling 4 of them. I am so looking forward to the Synonyms For Poop. No, really, I am.

mandi said...

Drop a load! hahaha!!!

Zoanna said...

That last one is "stinking" hilarious! Had to show my 9 year old boy. Had to.

From one who has (I hope) finished her 17th and last homeschooling year, I can say, "Enjoy the ride. You'll look back with much fondness." And then you'll also know when the ride is no longer fun, like I have. But cheers to the ride while the grace is there for it.

Aislynn said...

LOL- Today, my five year old was learning about antonyms. He said, "Mom, poop and pee-pee that's an antonym." Yes, yes they are!

Natasha said...

Thanks for sharing that. I actually just burst out laughing in the office. I all the sudden am really looking forward to homeschooling some day.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...


Ha ha!


ps - Butter, baby. 2%.

Jessie said...

Well, we've been going back and forth about homeschooling and I think with that last pic you totally convinced me to do it. Although, we have three girls, so the potty humor may not be as advanced.....

Wheeler Family said...

I love that with homeschooling, poop can be educational! But with 3 girls in the house, we keep trying to extricate that word from our vocab. But then my precious parents come home from a missions trip with this book "Who pooped in the Black Hills?" (or something like that)
So much for learning NOT to say the poopy words. At least we are also introducing words like "scat" and "dung".
I don't really know if it's better, but I am justifying it anyways!!!
Hope you summer is so fantastic. I will keep praying for ya'll.

Jessica said...

I love your blog! Praying the transition back to one of your homes (TX) goes well and it's full of rest and encouragement that will help you when you get to back to Haiti. Your boys are precious!

Marla Taviano said...

I love this. Very timely read for me today. Yowza.

Zara said...

Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at the poop picture!! Can my friend and I have permission to post it on facebook??

Hendrick Family said...

Aren't those boys funny?

Of course Zara. You can share their poop picture!