Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kickbutt Kickball Party

Last night we got together with a few friends to celebrate Hayden's birthday.  Before moving to Haiti I would be awake in my bed (when sane people were sleeping) wondering all sorts of things, trying to imagine what our new life would be like.  As neurotic as it sounds, I panicked about normal things like more earthquakes and abnormal things like birthday parties.  Would my kids ever have another fun party?  Would they hate my guts one day for moving them away from friends, family, and Chuck E Cheese?  While birthday parties (and most everything else) are a little different here, I am pleased to announce to all other neurotic people like myself that fun can be had no matter where you live.  Whew.  What a relief.

Hayden's favorite food is Haitian food (works out well for us, considering where we live) and his favorite game (along with almost every other kid in the world) is kickball.  So we had a Haitian food/kickball party.  Just wait.  Party stores everywhere will be selling Haitian food/kickball themed merchandise soon.  It will be right next to the luau stuff.

Hayden may love Haitian food, but his mother has no clue how to make it.  Thankfully we know some cooking rock stars.   The food was delicious.  I asked the ladies to cook for 25 people.  Lesson learned.  They cooked for 60.  We will be eating Haitian food for awhile.  Want some?  I'm pretty sure all of you could come over and there would still be leftovers.
Paige always wears her hair this fancy for Haitian food/kickball parties.  Oh wait.  No.  She doesn't.  In addition to celebrating Hayden's birthday party, it was also prom night!  Go see!  Go!  Paige got all fancied up at our house while the rest of us were getting covered in dirt on the soccer field.  It was special to be a tiny, tiny part of this big evening for one of our favorite families.  We watched Troy dance with his daughter in our living room.  After they left the room Aaron said, "Was Troy about to cry?"  I looked over at my husband and said, "Are you about to cry?"  Yep. He was.

Yum!  Hayden was in Haitian food heaven.

After gorging ourselves with mountains of rice and beans, we did what all smart people do...played an intense game of kickball.  Brilliant.

The team captains.  Hayden and Dr. Jen.

Heidi running the bases pregnant.  She was amazing!
These gummy worms for the dirty cupcakes were sent to me in the mail by Flower Patch Farmgirl.  
She's my internet bestie, and she knows how to love us!
Dirt was definitely the real theme of the night.

It was a perfect evening.  Kickball will forever be one of the world's greatest games, and Hayden will forever be one of the world's greatest kids.  See?  Perfect. 

These pictures were too good to leave alone.  
So I decided to do some zooming.
Happy Birthday, Hayden.
We can't give you Chuck E Cheese or a bowling birthday party but we CAN give you FREAKS!!


mbs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! especially the freaks.

Rebecca McDonald said...

Zooming in on the crazy faces wasnt part of the agreement. Kick ball is fun. Had a great time thanks for the fun.

Sara said...

This party blows the Pirate Party I'm planning out of the water... Freaks, hello? Where can I get me some of those? Love the zoomed in pics!

Danielle said...

I had no choice but to rush off to the grocery store to make my own version of "dirt cupcakes". And then I linked a post of my dirt cups to yours :) Thank you for rekindling my love for all things "dirt"!

Cheryl said...

That Haitian food looks fabulous, especially the fried plantains and accra! Can't wait until five weeks from now and we will be in Haiti eating awesome food also!!!!

The goofy photos are awesome!

Leslie said...

I giggled when I read that you told the cooks to cook for 25 and they made enough for 60. I learned a few years ago when we do classes that I have to tell our cook how many Haitians are in the class, and how many foreigners, because the amount that a Haitian can/will eat when there is unlimited food is vastly different that a foreigner. Yonese laughs now when I specify because she knows! So, in the future, that's the trick - Pare manje pou 25 moun Ameriken! :)

Amy said...

Ooo. I want some Haitian food. Love the zoomed in freaks pic.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Say WHAT?? 1. Your boys. They are so dang cute. Don't tell them I said that. Well, you can tell Hudson. He probably wouldn't mind.

It pleases me to the moon that the worms surfaced at just the right time. Sneaky worms! They're smarter than we think.

But the main thing I want to ask is, why doesn't anyone ever let me be Katie???? WHY???


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

You can still throw some pretty awesome parties even in a 3rd world country.

You ROCK tha parties!

Sarah said...

Forget what 2pac said about CA--it's the Hendricks that know how to party!!! Love how you all can make everything fun!!!! Looks like a great time! Wish we could've joined you!! :)

Stacey said...

Hayden! You are the bomb in crazy face making! You outdid everyone else who did an amazing job as well and that's saying alot! Happy Birthday kid! =)

hodgesgal said...

sounds so fun.. and half way through, it hit me that Hayden loves Haitian food and thank God, seriously, that he can truly enjoy it!!! Still marveling at the His miracle!!!!

Bob & Judy said...

Fried chicken, yummy rice, plantain and - what - a deep-fried 4" grub?

Marla Taviano said...

Perfection. I want some Haitian food.

Carla said...

oh my goodness. I love your blog! I have been following the Livesay's blog for a couple years now and it's fun seeing both families in both blogs. I'm enjoying seeing all your farm kid pictures now that you're back home. We have a crazy amount in common! 4 kids, 1 adopted, family farm, love affair with David Platt, crazy adventures in foreign countries, married the same year. Now that I see all your goofball pictures i know we'd fit right in with your clan. ;) Enjoy your summer and thanks sharing.