Friday, May 20, 2011


My family's farm.  My favorite place on Earth.

Four boys and four girl cousins.

Panties in the pasture.  Don't ask.

I found this post in my archives about Blue Bell ice cream.  How ironic is life?  How. Flippin. Ironic? 

We are all extremely tired from a long, tough day of flying but that hasn't stopped us from eating Blue Bell ice cream like it's our job and soaking in clean air, wide open spaces, hot water, cousins, Apels, and Kramers.  Pretty soon, I keep promising myself I'm going to soak in some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Welcome HOME!!

Cathy T

Landreneau Family said...

Since that post about Bluebell two years ago, I think of you EVERY time we eat Butter Crunch. We'd never had it until then, and now it's a favorite.

So glad you guys are home safely!

Fiveboys said...

Heather - I'm wondering if you will be doing a post on fundraising or how much money you will need? I contacted you a few weeks ago regarding my husband teaching at QCS (I have 5 small boys, not sure if you remember me). Anyway, we've decided to stay here but feel so called to support missionaries now. I'd love to hear more about what you will need as far as money goes. Thanks and welcome home!

Leslie said...

Olivia and I just got home this week too after a day and a half of traveling with 5 flights. So yeah, I get it! Welcome home! We're breathing deep and smelling that fresh Canada air. I just went outside and thought that it's such a gift. I mean, Haiti gives your nose a work out. The air here is like rest for the senses :)

Enjoy soaking it up.

PS-I'm glad you didn't get raptured before the rest of us ;)

Jagette said...

So thankful that all of you made it back to Texas ok. But the picture of the Blue Bell Ice Cream just made me sad. I haven't had any in 7 years, since I moved from Texas. But I know it is goooood!
Your pictures are great and the panties in the pasture was the cuties I think. When I saw them I thought what in the world. But being a farm girl, it doesn't really surprise me.
Continue to enjoy your time in Texas and will be continuing to lift all of you up in prayer.
Hugs and Prayers to all of you!

mandi said...


Marla Taviano said...

Welcome home!!!

Holly said...

heather, I kind of want to hit you right now (not really) because I am in Haiti and you are making me craaaaaaaaaaaaa....aaaave Blue Bell.

Troy & I were talking this morning on the way home from church about how much can change in two years... he made some comment about your life can be totally flipped upside down.

I noticed the date on the blue bell post was almost exactly 2 years ago. much has changed. :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Aw, I feel real happy knowing that you're home. I was home this weekend, too. Just something about it.

ps- I hope you brought Katie.

pss- I rode home with Sarah and lamented that yet another kindred friend has relegated me to Cherylanne status.

psss - Sarah confessed that she always pictures Cherylanne and Punky Brewster's friend, Cherie.



SNM said...

Peach truck spotted yesterday at I45 and HWY21! I think there may be a trip to the 'ville in your near future. Welcome home Hendrick family!!