Monday, May 30, 2011

For the Local Ladies

Our friend Jordan with BlackBox Strength and Conditioning is offering a Women's Summer Challenge.  Girl.  Don't tune out on me now.  Don't do it.  I mean it.  Get your face back over here.  Unless you aren't a local.  Then you can go finish loading the dishwasher or give the person you're talking to on the phone your undivided attention.  Am I the only person who reads blogs while talking on the phone?  I'm sure that's rude.

One time I got busted for updating my facebook status while in the middle of a so-called serious phone conversation.  Not smart.  It's only funny now.  A year later.

Bottom line:  Jordan with BlackBox Strength and Conditioning gave me my groove back and forever set the standard for what a good workout is and what it isn't.  I'm forever indebted and will forever sing her praise and brag about the work she does to inspire women to care for their bodies.  I'm trying to think of another way I can use the word forever.  Hmm.  Now Friends are Friends Forever is going through my mind, and I'm frantically trying to find the "next" button on the Ipod of my mind.

Last spring/summer Kirby and I trained with Jordan.  The year before I gave in and got a trainer, I had been very sick.  I had mono for months, was going through some awful church/spiritual/relational stuff, and was ridiculously anemic.  Talk about the life of the party!  Yeah buddy.  That was not me.

It was a rough year.  No mother of four boys should have mono.  There should be a rule.  Mono is what you should get when you're sixteen and your mom still takes care of you and brings you chicken noodle soup.  The combination of mono/anemia/weird-random-made-me-crazy-other stuff left me unable to fit into any of my jeans and feeling like a disgusting slob. 

Although I had been a consistent runner for several years prior to my black hole of a year, by last summer I was completely out of shape and could not get back into the groove of working out matter how hard I tried.

Working out with Jordan was one of the best long-term investments I've ever made.  I wasn't smart enough to do it on my own.  Kirby made me.  She forced me.  I can't really remember, but I bet she threatened me.

If you're needing a kick-start or a reset button or a good, hard kick in the rear...I want you to seriously consider being a part of this summer program.  Here's what I learned the year I was sick.  Ready?  This is deep.

Not working out and taking care of your body will make a lady crazy.  Eating well and exercising regularly will change your life.  Nothing comes easy, and yet pain is temporary.  Like everything else, God has given us our bodies and asked us to be good stewards of this gift we have been given.  In doing so, we bring God honor.  It's never too late to start.  It's never too late to get back in shape.  Sometimes you just need some motivation, encouragement, and help.  Like so many other things in life, there are times when community...when having others walk with a necessity.  In that, we admit we're created in the image of God.  We thrive in the loving presence of others.

Jordan is offering that kind of encouragement and accountability this summer.  Will you consider training with her?

{{Women's Summer Challenge}}

During this time we will focus on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress, posture, and so much more!  There is no better time to start than today!  Enjoy the environment of a supportive community by signing up for the challenge!

When:  June 1-July 13
Where:  BlackBox Strength and Conditioning
7610 Eastmark Drive
College Station, Texas
Time:  9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Cost:  $200 for the six week program.

Email to participate.

Get this:  If you tell Jordan that you read this blog post when you email her, she'll give you 15% off.  That's six weeks of a personal trainer, nutrition counseling, childcare, and better posture for $170.

I won't be there this summer, but Kirby will.  I may never get to do crossfit/training with Jordan again due to living in Haiti, but like I said...working out with Jordan was an investment.  It got me going again.  I finished my training session with her, felt well, and craved exercise.  I started running again and exercising consistently and have never looked back.  The things I learned about nutrition are things I still put into practice living in a third world country.  I learned so much from Jordan, and she showed me how much I was capable of...that I could push myself...that I was a lot stronger than I thought.  That's what I call a priceless gift.

When I don't work out I feel awful, crabby, and a tad-bit neurotic.  Maybe it's because I'm a nut job...or maybe it's because stewarding well brings a lot of joy, and there are a hundred and one ways exercise relates to scriptural concepts.  Maybe when we fail to care for our bodies, we not only rob ourselves of a long life of service to God, but we also miss out on beautiful things God wants to teach us about life, His Kingdom, endurance, faithfulness, reaping and sowing, and running this race with our eyes set on the prize.

So whether you're a local or not...maybe this summer could be the summer when we stop making excuses and simply rest in the fact that God extends life to us...good things...and so why not put on some tennis shoes and go find that life?  Run hard after it?


Sarah said...

Aw man, Heather, you totally busted me! I was just sitting here thinking how much I do not want to go to workout this morning. After reading this, I can't NOT go! ... I'm not a local, so I almost didn't read this post, but I'm glad I did! Thanks!

Brandy said...

Heather, I went and it was great!!! I haven't worked out in over a year, so Im excited to see the changes!