Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Link Lovin' and some Photos

{Adoption Garage Sale} 
If you live in our home town, our friends are hosting a giant garage sale to raise money to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine.  Adoption and garage sales.  Two things very near and dear to my heart!  Please stop by their house tomorrow morning and shop!  Here's a link to all the info. 

If you live in or near CS, could you spread the word to your garage sale lovin' friends?

{Prenatal Pics} 

Tara posted some cool pictures of prenatals yesterday.

I feel like I've finally turned a tiny, small corner in midwifery related "things."  I nailed several fundal heights yesterday, declared the right positions for the babies in the bellies I palpated*, and then found their heartbeats using a fetascope.  That all may sound like a foreign language to you.  It did to me not that long ago.  In the beginning I felt like I would never, no...not ever...figure out how to measure a belly correctly or determine the position of the baby.  There were lots of high fives yesterday as both Tara and I seem to be getting the hang of this.  Beth is so very patient with us!  *palpate is a sick word.  Will I ever get used to dropping words like palpate and vagina?  Not sure.  Nope.  Not sure at all.  


Our family was written about in an online magazine this week, The Christian CenturyI love how Aaron is called a "Southern Baptist Minister" and the article is about his wife who writes about naked butts in Haiti.  Story of our life, I guess.  The article was a nice encouragement to keep on keepin' it real.

{Double Date} 

We went on a funtastic double date with Tara and Troy to celebrate Aaron's birthday (and also just for the heck of it, cause double dates or any date for that matter is a rare, dreamy treat). It's hard to explain how refreshing it was to sit with friends we love, eat, laugh, talk, and never once get up to attend to a child.  When I'm feeling overwhelmed (like on laundry day) I close my eyes and go back to that restaurant with Troy, Tara, and Aaron.  Happy place.  That's my new location.  You can read about our date here.  Of course it was not your typical date.  Haiti would never allow for such a thing.

{Rainy Season Has Arrived} 

Yesterday I drove home from Heartline in a hard rain.  It was my first time to drive in the rain.  It would not hurt my feelings if it was the last time I do that.  There is nothing wimpy about rain in Haiti.  Either it's not raining, or the heavens have broke open and this island is slammed.  The rain does not fall.  It feels like you're in that weird whack-a-mole game.  The rain pounds, and everyone runs for cover.  It took me an hour and forty five minutes to get home yesterday.  7 miles.  One hour and forty five minutes to drive 7 miles.  I arrived home a beast.  While I was busy slamming my head into the steering wheel, the boys were home have a good-ol' time in the rain.  I love these pictures Aaron took of the merriment.

"Do I like this?  I'm not sure I do.  I can't tell.  I just can't tell...."

"Oh wait.  I do like this.  I do.  I do.  I do."

This is EXACTLY what Hudson's face looks like when he takes a cold shower.  This picture is priceless to me.  That cold shower face.  It should be documented.

And this face should be documented too, because it's so cute...and I need to look at it on days when Hudson pours the coffee grounds out of the french press all over the kitchen floor...and then plays in the mess.  Yes.  I need this picture for those days.

While the rain is fun for four little boys, I'm still sad every time I think about how many people are not living in proper homes in Haiti.  The water runs down the street like a river.  As the rainy season gets up and going, can we remember to pray for the Haitian people?  Many of our moms in our prenatal program and our child development program live in tents.  I can hardly bear to think of it.


The Lopases said...

thanks for the "link loving".
praying that crazy amounts of locals read your blog today and come out to support our garage sale!!

mandi said...

Alright- I'm clearing my calendar and checking out all of these links! That makes me sounds super important and busy. Ha!
Love that you are coming along in your midwifery. I'm a tad obsessed with birth and seeing you doing this makes my heart so happy!

Kirby said...

I love these pics...especially the first one of the boys on the trampoline. If I close my eyes I can imagine them all in the backyard at the yellow house playing on that trampoline for hours....especially the middle they love that trampoline and playing with each other for hours. My heart is getting giddy with this countdown!

Cheryl said...

Great pics!
When I first opened this post in my google reader, I thought you were smoking a cigar in the first picture.
I had a good laugh.
I don't even know you but I thought you would think that was funny. Or am I just crazy?

Sharon Wheeless said...

I'm so loving your blog! I'm a NICU/well-baby nurse myself, and I think your passion for moms and babies is awesome. I'm adding you to my blogroll sweetie. I can't wait to see more. Praying for you as well.

Marla Taviano said...

That article was awesome.

nic said...

i'm aching at the thought of families huddling in tents. glad for your honesty--it's good to know how to pray.